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دوره: آموزش آموختن - از صفر تا استادی / فصل: The Lies / درس 1

Section Overview

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Welcome back.

We just learned about the principles the shift in mindset in our frame of mind and how we can prepare

ourself for efficient learning and now we’re ready to move on to the next part of our pyramid.

And that is the lies.

In order for us to keep moving we have to debunk some myths when it comes to learning.

Some advice that is often given turns out to actually not be true.

It’s just bad advice.

And these are the things that you’ve most likely heard about but may have assumed that it’s true.

So we’re going to tackle these lies in this section so that moving forward we know how to avoid them.

Combined with the principles once again this is going to set us off for later sections in the course.

Let’s get started.

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