Trust This One Person

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Trust This One Person

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All right.

We’re halfway there two more risks to go and this one is a very simple one.

Trust this one person.

Why is this a bad advice.

Well because we tend to always look up as humans to leaders right we tend to look at people like Jeff

Bezos or Steve Jobs and think wow they have everything figured out.

They’re so successful.

They’re just such leaders in their field and as humans it’s very easy for us to look up to somebody

and believe and think that everything they say is true.

Everything they say is gospel that any advice that they give is right for us.

And this happens a lot in any field really.

Even right now me teaching you the topic of efficient learning of learning how to learn.

You’re listening to one person one person to give you advice but you have to remember that each person

gives advice based on things that worked in their life their experiences which are unique to them.

And one of the best things you can do in your learning journey is not to just blindly follow the one

person that you see that you trust create the muscle to not always agree with one person.

Create the muscle of looking at different opinions and different individuals and teachers to learn from

because everybody has a unique perspective.

Yes maybe there is a role model that you want to learn from maybe Roger Federer one of the top tennis

players in the world is who you want to learn tennis from but oftentimes people that tell you hey I’m

the only person you should listen to I’m the one that’s going to get you to success are often charlatans

or what we call liars that are just trying to take advantage of you.

And I know how hypocritical it is that I’m telling you don’t listen to one person even though I’m teaching

a course on efficient learning.

But what I’m saying is when you’re learning a topic or even learning how to learn don’t just learn it

from me reach out to multiple sources read from different writers authors because combining each individual

piece from multiple people is it better way to learn than just getting all your information from one


So remember never trust just one person form your own opinions methods and tactics and techniques to

learning that is unique to you based on multiple sources of information.

You will often find that the people who have really strong hard opinions on something are often the

people who are less knowledgeable most successful learners or most people with really successful skills.

Understand that there’s usually pros and cons to everything.

The people who tell you that they know everything are often the ones that know the least.

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