Section Review

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Section Review

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There we have it.

We completed another section of our pyramid and this part was all about the lies.

When it comes to learning we learn about the advice of following your passion is probably not good advice.

And instead if you shift your focus to getting so good that they can’t ignore you with a skill that

you get better and better at.

You get more autonomy.

You get more respect.

You get more control over what type of work you do.

And with more and more of that you actually develop a love for the skill.

It becomes more enjoyable to do what you do just following your passion blindly is probably not good


Next we learned that you can’t avoid risk.

Risk is part of life.

And those that do great things those that are able to achieve things which involve learning most likely

involve risk.

It involves making some sacrifices it involves maybe training up an opportunity for another opportunity.

And when we get those butterflies in our stomach that means we’re doing something worthwhile.

We also learn not to trust just one single source of truth when we blindly follow somebody and think

that everything they say is true.

Well it often leads us into a very one dimensional way of thinking.

We have the power of the Internet where we’re able to learn from different sources from different instructors

and teachers use that to your advantage and form your own opinions and thoughts.

And also remember that nobody knows everything completely and most likely the ones with the strongest

opinions are the ones that are least knowledgeable.

Finally we learned about the famous 10000 hour rule that is to get good at something.

It’s all about just working hard and putting in those hours.

But it turns out that’s not really the case.

There’s different factors that affect our ability to learn and there are efficient ways to learn and

not so efficient ways to learn.

Two people that spent 10 hours learning a topic are most likely going to end up a different level of

knowledge at the end of 10 hours based on different factors.

Some factors are out of our control but there are definitely factors that we can’t control which is

why we’re going to explore later on in this course.

The idea of this section was to throw these lies out there and understand that whenever you hear advice

like this it’s most likely wrong.

And hopefully by the end of this section we now have the skills to flag whenever we notice this out


When we learn the topic and instead realize that these are no longer the rules that are going to dictate

our learning.

I’ll see in the next one.


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