Habits As Energy Savers

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Habits As Energy Savers

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Just like spaced repetition habits are something we’re going to talk a lot especially in the technique

section of this course but in the science part I want you to think about habits as energy savers habits

are formed by humans so that we don’t need to focus when performing different habitual tasks by having


Our brains can not be so focused on a task for example brushing our teeth.

It’s very easy for us to brush our teeth because we form that habit.

It’s almost mindless it’s almost we can daydream when we brush our teeth because we’ve done it so many


It’s an energy saver our brain can only work so hard by forming these habits.

Well now I don’t have to think about brushing my teeth but as soon as you change your hand and he tried

to brush your teeth with the opposite hand it suddenly becomes harder.

You have to think about it.

You have to focus on brushing your teeth and your brain now works harder.

I want you to start thinking of habits as energy savers for your brain.

And research has actually shown that writing your daily list the evening before such as your goals actually

helps you accomplish your goals.

The next day.

And now.

Why is that.

Well it’s because we’re saving energy in our brain if you write down why you need to accomplish the

next day.

Well it takes away from our brains having to work on writing down that goal.

The next day so when we wake up we already have something written down that saves our brain from using

up valuable memory slots and that’s why habits like putting your workout clothes next to your bed when

you wake up actually helps you exercise more because you don’t have to think about where’s my shirt.

Where are my shorts.

Where are my sneakers.

Everything is done for you.

These habits that we’re going to discover later on in the technique section actually allows our brain

to not think to not focus so that tasks that help us learn that help us progress become easier and easier.

The key takeaway is that habits that we’re going to form are going to be energy savers to save our brains

on specific task that require our attention.

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