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Woo hoo.

We are finally here everybody.

After many lectures and me talking we finally get to the core of the course and the part that all of

you are excited about.

We’re talking about techniques we finally get to put everything we have learned up until now.

Into practice now again.

So far we have formed the foundation and the principles for efficient learning.

We use the trunk based knowledge system to try and make these techniques that we’re about to discuss

stick and to also understand the reason behind the techniques.

Instead of just teaching you a bunch of techniques that aren’t going to stick in your mind aren’t going

to mean anything to you you won’t know why these techniques work.

We now have these foundations to make them stick in your mind and also understand why they work in this


We’re going to go through proven techniques that work for some of the world’s top performers.

I’ve read hundreds of books about learning in my life and I’ve always been fascinated by the topic of

learning how top performers are able to learn efficiently are able to have a wide array of knowledge

and apply it in their everyday life to be successful.

I’ve tried to dilute the commonalities between these top efficient learners and find out what is the

common pattern here and these are what the techniques are.

These are things that I’ve seen work for other people that science says works for other people and also

things that I practice myself that have helped me grow over the years.

Now keep in mind that we’re going to discuss a bunch of techniques but you don’t need to do all of these

to be a top performer.

Instead everybody is different and you should pick the techniques that work for you and you find yourself

being able to sustain and maintain as you will see in the section.

It’s all about finding what works for you and using our understanding how learning works in our brain

to take advantage of the system.

You may want to revisit these videos every once in a while to be reminded of the importance of these

techniques as it is easy to forget and go back to the old ways.

Finally within this section I will link to resources to tools that I have used and others have used

that you can use to help you practice the techniques or apply the techniques to the topic that you want

to learn.

We’re finally at the top of this pyramid.

We started with the principles a way for us to think about learning to shift our mind and have the foundation

ready for us to start learning about efficient learning.

We learned about the common lies we learned about the pillars the pillars that we need to be successful


Those four key concepts and then we learned about the science how our brain works what does science

say about learning in order for us to take advantage and exercise our brain in the right way.

And now we’re on to the techniques.

This is your guide and roadmap to become an efficient learner.

That with compound interest and skill stacking and other things we have talked about in this course

will outperform anyone in the long term.

Let’s get started.

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