Importance Of Community

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Importance Of Community

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This is an important one and that is the importance of community no matter what you do when you learn

you can use all the techniques we learn in this course.

If at the end of the day you don’t have a community around you of other learners you’re going to be

at a disadvantage.

You want to be part of a group.

When you learn you want to build a community of support and I was at fault of this.

A lot of times in my life where I liked doing things by myself.

But don’t fool yourself.

You’re usually not as smart as you think.

And this includes myself as well because when I used to do things by myself it would take me ages to

learn proper techniques proper methods.

And as soon as I started being open to communities to getting feedback to having a team that can correct

me when I’m wrong that can cheer me when I do something right.

Actually exponentially grew my efficient learning so why is community important.

Well one is that you’re always going to have blind spots or things that maybe you won’t know that you’ll

learn from others too is that you get immediate feedback when you’re working or something learning something

maybe you want to showcase what you’ve learned to others they can give you feedback you can overcome

obstacles you can get motivated because others are doing the same thing you are but most of all you

can have what we call accountability that is how can I make sure that I’m being held accountable if

I’m learning to play the guitar by myself in my room and I don’t succeed.

Nobody knows about and nobody cares.

I just go on with my life but if I have a group of five friends that we’re all learning how to play

the guitar I’m less likely to quit.

So ask yourself are you doing this by yourself.

If not then be part of a community.

One of the things that I always do in my courses the very first thing is for somebody to find a buddy.

When I teach my programming courses I get people to get a programming buddy so that way you’re not doing

this alone.

You hold each other accountable but you also are able to get feedback help each other out.

And we also have the 0 2 mastery community a community of self learners of people that understand that

learning is a lifelong skill and those who are efficient learners are going to succeed in their lives.

We created this community specifically for this reason in order to uplift each other in order to be

part of the community and to be influenced by the people around you.

One of the quotes that Tim Ferriss the author of The Four Hour Workweek says is that you’re the average

of the five people you hang out with most so be surrounded by people that you want to be like Don’t

be surrounded by people that drag you down be surrounded by people that excel you that propel you to

be better.

For now I’ll see you in our 0 2 mastery community.

Bye bye.

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