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We got more techniques to go so let’s find out what the next one is.

This one is called enter leaving.

What does it all mean.

The idea of inter leaving is a technique to use different problems and sessions to learn something.

The idea is that variety is important.

For example if you’re learning a subject don’t just practice one method or one technique when learning

something you want to mix up your learning by being creative and flexible.

Remember how in the lives section of the course we talked about.

Don’t trust this one person.

This idea that you’re usually not going to find the one person that has all the answers.

Instead you want to form knowledge from multiple sources multiple books multiple mentors multiple teachers

and learn from different perspectives.

This is the idea of inter leaving instead of practicing one specific skill over and over and over.

You want to shift between three or more different skills in the book make it stick.

This topic is important.

It talks about the idea of how to make topics and learning stick in your brain.

And they give a great example of a baseball player who practices batting by swinging at 15 fastballs.

Then at 15 curve balls and then at 15.

Change ups and that baseball player is going to do a lot better than a baseball player that swings at

one type of pitch forty five times.

That’s inter leaving instead of getting the same pitch over and over.

You’re doing three different types of pitches learning three similar but different in a way skills and

ending up a different results.

But how can you even improve this even more with entry leaving.

Well instead of 15 pitches like this 15 pitches like this and 15 pitches like this the player can now

ask for random pitches.

So this way his ability to figure out on the fly what type of pitch this is is going to make him even


This idea of inter leaving actually applies to different degrees.

So for example we talked on the micro scale.

That is if you want to be a professional baseball player try hitting different types of pitches.

If you want to be an excellent cook don’t just learn to cook one meal learn to cook different meals

if you want to learn a new language practice that language not just writing things down but maybe speaking

them maybe watching movies in that language different techniques over different periods of time to enter

leave your knowledge and create different connections in your brain.

But this technique also applies on the grander scale such as when we talked about skill stacking right.

We can combine different skills to make yourself valuable and also connect chunks in your long term


That might be unique that nobody else has thought of because we talked about how problem solving is

a crucial skill.

People who can solve problems are going to be successful in life and people that are able to solve problems

in unique ways are very valuable.

And by using into leaving even though maybe I graduated with a business degree I can use what I learned

in my business degree when I became a software engineer and I can use my knowledge of public speaking

and classes that I took on public speaking to now help me with whatever I learned in my business degree

as well as with coding.

That’s the power of skill stacking and that’s the power of inter leaving.

So what are you doing to change things up.

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