توضیح مختصر: How your level of Happiness affects your life. Learn more about how the class is set up to help you achieve your happiness goals.

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High Congratulations you’ve made an excellent decision by enrolling in this course. Happiness and resiliency now and I couldn’t be more thrilled to go on this journey with you. So buckle your seat belts folks. This is going to be a course that changes not just how you feel about your life it’s actually going to alter the course of your life for the better. You may want to grab a pad of paper and a pen a cup of tea or a cup of coffee make yourself comfortable and get ready. We’re going to spend the next hour or so together and do great things. Here’s how our course is laid out today. We’re going to divide the main content into two sections and then we’ll wrap it up at the end in the first half of our lecturers. We’re going to be going through what the macro issue is why happiness and resiliency. What’s the deal with it. What does it mean. Why should you care why should you bother and why invest time in making courses like this or taking courses like this. We’re going to take a look at what level of happiness and resiliency you have for yourself and how that could impact your life. We’re going to look at what happens when those impacts go and attended to. And we’re going to look at the solution. And we’re going to go through actual methods that you can start using today to gain more resiliency and experience more happiness over the course of our time together. It’s going to be an opportunity to interact. So please introduce yourself let me know how you’re enjoying the course. What’s coming up for you. And if you need any support as we go through this process it’s normal when we talk about taking our life to the next level that we might first experience and deps or remember some things from our past or our childhood that could be emotional to think about. So please don’t be shy and reach out if you need support. Also as you go through the course you get to be asked to leave a review. Now I know we won’t know each other all that well when that little window pops up for you but I encourage you to leave a great review. Why not. You can always go back and change later if this course doesn’t deliver life changing information to you. But I’m confident that it will. Now if you have any doubt laughed as to whether or not you should take the rest of this course and take it seriously. Let me just share with you a bit about why I’m the one instructing this course. So my name’s Hayley Patchi on the happiness and resiliency trainer and they do that as a speaker and author a coach and a facilitator. I’ve been blessed to speak around North America and I’ve addressed over 400000 audience members. I’ve personally been able to work with over 1000 individuals face to face at their kitchen table and it’s been such a joy seeing people increase the quality of their lives. Now I didn’t always opt out as this happy person. I in fact had a really challenging life. It comes to most people as a surprise when they tell them what I went through. That’s exactly why I want you to have all the tools and the methods that I have so that you too can go through great things and come out on top. I’m a survivor of rape cancer abuse serious depression and much more and how I got from there to here is exactly what you’re going to get today. It is not by accident. And resiliency comes with learnable skills learnable tools and methods that you can start using. So even if you’re currently stuck in the route and dealing with some of life’s challenges and maybe not dealing with them all that well. Yes you can overcome those things and take your life to a great place just as I have. So you’re in the right place you’re in the right course. You’re working with the right partner on your journey here. And I can’t wait for us to go into the material. So let’s get started.