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A cool limo, an exotic

land, all that’s missing

is a government agent

on a secret mission.


No way.

What are you doing here?

Now, that’s a secret agent pup.

Guess you’re on this adventure too.

This country is amazing.

The history, the architecture.

The paparazzi.

What’s up with that?

We’re approaching the palace.

The press is always here,

hoping for a glimpse of the princess.

That must get kinda old.

Always being hounded by

people trying to take your picture.

You get used to it.

I was made for the royal life.

Wait, why are we turning in here?

This is where we’re staying!

You kids, this is gonna awesome


Now we are talking

I never saying one.

It’s like, it’s gonna be like

ten of my houses combined

This is the most amazing place

I’ve ever been.

I feel like I’m in a spy movie.

Do I look like I’m a spy?

How ‘bout now?

Okay, everyone, group shot!

Say “adventure!

” Ooh.

Oh, sorry.



Welcome to Floravia.

I am Alfonso.

The royal adviser to her Highness,

Princess Amelia.

Please, follow me.

You heard the handsome man!

What are you waiting for?

Please enjoy all the

ammenities the palace has

to offer, and, of course,

24-hour room service.

24-hour room service?

Is the princess here now?

Will we get to see her?

Would love to talk fashion.

For security reasons,

I can neither confirm

nor deny the whereabouts

of her Royal Highness.

I must insist that you respect her privacy.

The west wing is strictly off-limits.

Told you.

Spy movie.

Now, if you will follow me,

I will escort you to your rooms.


We’re not supposed to go that way.



Ugh, tourists!

No, don’t go in there!



Got you!

What are you trying to do,

get me in trouble?

You know indoor bunnies aren’t chew toys.

I see you’ve met Snowy.

I am so sorry about this, your Highness!

It is “your Highness”, right?

You can call me Amelia, Barbie.




You know me?

I loved that “Try It On” song.

Your sisters are so cute.

Hi, Taffy!

You watch my vlog?

As often as I can, but,

you know, when you’re a

princess, your schedule

gets pretty complicated.

Your Highness!

I’m so sorry for the interruption.

She got away from me and .

It’s fine, Alfonso.

Just give us a minute?

As you wish.

but remember,

you have an early day tomorrow.

I know.

I’ll be ready.

Thank you.

Is he always like that?

He means well, but I just wish, for once,

he would trust me.

Let me make my own mistakes.

The way you do.


Oh, uh, you know what I mean.

All those funny stories about your life

that you tell on your vlog?

They inspire people.

I wish I could do that.

You do!

I mean, you must!

You have millions of followers.

People love you.

The world loves my image,

but is that image really me?

What do you mean?

Pretty much every picture you see online

has been planned out, staged, retouched.

I never get to post pictures of me

just hanging out, looking goofy.

Well, you always look so glamorous.

I just assumed that was your life.

Parts of it are.

and I’m so grateful

but it’s a lot of pressure, too.

So many times I feel

I’m just playing a role for the cameras.

And the real Amelia?

No one knows her.

Not even me.

You might think I have everything

A girl could ever want

A palace full of luxury

And helpers who help ‘round the clock

Looking out through royal walls

With every minute planned

What I’d give to have the chance

To hold my future in my own hands

All they know is from a screen

So how can I become their queen?

I wanna be me

And make my own decisions

I wanna be free

To chase my own ambitions

I wanna go anywhere

Feel the wind in my hair

And find myself out there in this world

I wanna be me, and not

a picture perfect girl

Everybody needs to feel alive

Yeah, everyone deserves a chance

to live outside the lines

But princesses can’t be seen

breaking the rules You’re a princess;

you should be making the rules

I wanna be me

You gotta be free

And make my own decisions

I wanna be free

Let the world see

Unfiltered, nothing missing

I wanna go anywhere

Feel the wind in my hair , ooh, yeah

And find myself out there

In this world

I wanna be me

you gotta be free

I’m gonna be me, not a picture perfect girl

Isn’t it crazy how I can do whatever

I want on my vlog, but nobody is listening

while you have the eyes

and the ears of the entire world?

But can’t say anything.

I so desperately wanna scream out,

I have opinions, too!

but Alfonso won’t let me.

He thinks no one wants to know the real me

and I need to know if he’s right.

That’s why I arranged to meet you.


The field trip?

Didn’t you think it was odd that

only your friends got invited?

The ones who’ve been on your vlog?

I set the whole thing up so we could meet.



You have to see the resemblance.

Here, look at our reflection.

Take down your hair.

Uh, okay.


I noticed it the minute

I saw you in that wig on your vlog.

Barbie, let’s switch places.

You’re kidding.

You’re not kidding.

Not forever!

Just for this week.

Once I become queen, my whole life

will get even more controlled.

I’ll never have this chance again.

Your Highness.


besides the fact

that it’s pretty crazy,

, I’ve got this

huge opportunity.

I’m supposed to be doing something

new and different on my vlog,

and I’m kinda freaking out about

it already.

Then I can help!

I can give you the eyes

of the world, if you give

me the chance to

experience life without them.


after this, would you do

a vlog post with me?

We could talk about the experience;

what we learned by switching places.

That would be an amazing story.

Yes, I love that idea.

So, will you do it?

Let’s do it.


I can’t believe we’re doing this.

My friends will never believe it.

But don’t tell anyone else, okay?

Until after.

We need to keep this our little secret.

You met the princess?

That’s crazy.

What’s she like?

I know one thing: she has amazing taste.

Okay, uh, can we go back

to the “taking her place”

part, ‘cause that sounds

more fun than crazy!


Something inside me said

I should do this thing.

I mean, how often do you get to

walk in someone else’s shoes?

And not just any shoes!

Come on!

If this is something you wanna do,

Barbie, we’re here for you.

You guys are the best.

but you can’t

tell anyone until after we switch back.

She texted me a list of all the things I’m

supposed to do this week, starting with.

A pre-coronation party on a yacht!

Wait, a party on a yacht?

So fun!

Stay down, Snowy.

We’ll be outta here in just a .

May I help you?

Oh, um.

Oh, excuse me, miss; I thought you were.

someone else.

Pardon me.

Woo, we even fooled.

This is gonna work out great.



So, we’re going to to Thistleberry Museum.

It’s the national food of Floravia.

Who could miss that?

Not us!

Come on!

But– whoa!


Where did everybody go?


How do you feel about

two kingdoms coming together?

Over here!


How about being the youngest

queen of Floravia ever!

What do you have to say

to the citizens of Johanistan?

Oh, uh–whoa!

Is she ok?

She meant to do that!

Ha, totally!

Princess, you look amazing!

Over here, princess!


Oh, your Highness.

My apologies.

Did you see that?

So cool.

You’re killing it, Barbie.

I’m pretending we’re undercover,

keeping a huge secret.

We are, and so far, so good.

Now what?

No clue.

Princess Amelia said to

just smile and enjoy.

and at all costs, avoid running into.


There you are!

I’ve been looking all over for you!

So good to see you!


Quit playing.

It’s me, Prince Johan!

Hi there, Johan.

You haven’t changed either, I think.

Don’t you love her sense of humor?

Come, let’s catch up.

So, how do you like your party?

Getting my yacht here was not easy.

Your yacht?

Well, you know how it is.

Technically, it belongs to my

kingdom but, now with the whole “our

countries are about to become one”

thing, my yacht is your yacht!


Yes, I totally know how that is

because I’m the princess.

About to be queen!

What was that that you used to

say when we were kids?

The first thing we’d do as rulers?


Come on, you remember.

Hey, I love this song!

Why don’t we dance?

You are hilarious.

You know I’m not much of a– whoa!

Look, she’s dancing with Prince Johan!

Over here princes, over here.

Over here, over here


To the left, to the left.

more to the left.

That was so much fun!

Well, except for maybe

the getting mobbed by

paparazzi part, but

even that was kinda cool!

You sure fooled them,

and that prince dude, too.

Yeah, this is totally gonna work.

A word.


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