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How did you find out?

Aside from the fact I

know everything there

is to know about her

Highness, there was this.

“Prince and princess caught dancing

with bigfoot?

” What?

Not that.

My necklace.

I was able to remove this story

from the press pool.

with any luck,

I was the only person to see it.

Now do you understand

why it is so important for

me to keep control of

the situation at all times?

So tell me, where is Amelia?

I’m really sorry, but I don’t know.

Very well.

I will find her.

Until then, you will keep up this charade.

under my watch.

Starting now.

The necklace.

Come on, come on.

pick up!

Hey, Barbie.

Amelia, we need to talk.

Alfonso knows!

That’s Alfonso; always

such a stick in the mud.

He said I need to keep this up

until he finds you.

That’s great, because he won’t find me.

I’m really good at hiding.

Are you sure?

Your coronation is in a few days.

Don’t worry;

I’ll be back in plenty of times.

Okay, I gotta go.

But .

Rose, hi!

So, what have you got for me?

Millions of new subscribers are just

waiting to come on board.

I do have something big.

Huge, in fact, but I can’t share it yet.

Then it doesn’t count.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

No pressure.

but there’s a lot of pressure.

We’ve got a ginormous sponsor on the hook.

They make designer headphones.

The rumors about them being dangerous?

Total conspiracy theory.

Okay, get me something amazing!


Barbie, you there?

Taffy needed to go,

so I took her for– whoa.

You look amazing.


Good to see you, too.

How was your night?

Not as interesting as your’s, apparently.

Yeah, I should probably tell you something,

but you can’t tell anyone else, okay?

You know I’ve got your back, always.

What’s going on here today?

She’s still sleeping


What is it?

Can someone get her some water?

Rise and shine.

The staff will prepare you.

You’ve got a busy day.

We’ve got to

get you into your riding attire.

Hold still, your Highness.

I’ll just

sprinkle a little color right here.

A royal horse show?


It’s supposed to be cool.


Look at this place.

Meet Morning Star,

the princess’ personal horse.

She’s beautiful.

Oh, did I upset her?

I’m usually pretty good with horses.

She’s a bit, uh, sensitive.

You can ride, can’t you?

I love to ride.

The princess’ bond with

Morning Star is world-renowned.

If she doesn’t appear today,

the press will know something is wrong,

and with only two days

to ‘til the coronation.

I get it.

It’s really important I pull this off.

Thank you.

Hey there, Morning Star.


Right this way, ladies and gentlemen.

You all remember Morning Star,

but where is our princess?

Here, I’m here.

Ready to go.

Over here, princess!

That’s beautiful.

Wow, princess, you look great.

We’ll see you after the show,

your Highness.

Okay, so you know

I’m not the real princess,

but she really needs us to pull this off.

Please help me, for her sake?

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please take your seats.

The presentation of the royal horse

brigade is about to begin.


No w.


Thanks again for helping me.

Come on, we got this.

For Amelia.

Hey, isn’t that Barbie?

Don’t be ridiculous.



You did well at the horse brigade,

but there’s no time to rest

on your laurels.

Next is the palace photo

shoot, then the royal

orphanage tour, then

the dress fitting, and

You could’ve given me a

head’s up that the schedule

would be so crazy!


might’ve been able to help.

A good princess does not

bother herself with details.

Leave those to me.

You just show up, be gorgeous,

and make it all look effortless.

But it’s not effortless.

It takes so

much work to pull all this stuff off.

it only looks easy because

Amelia is so good at it.

You need to give her more credit.

But I .

And you know what else?

You should listen to her.

I was just protecting her.

You’re stopping her from learning

how to make her own decisions.

But she’s just a young girl.

One with great ideas and dreams.

Have you ever even asked her what they are?



I do not appreciate

being spoken to this way.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

I just get really worked up when

my friends aren’t being heard.

Every word she utters is heard.

by the whole world.

That is why she must be perfect

at all times.

Cameras are everywhere!

Then maybe it’s time to

put down the cameras,

and see what’s right in front of you.

Life doesn’t happen on camera;

life is what happens

when the cameras are off.

Your Highness,

will you take a selfie with me?

Tell you what, I’ve got a better idea.

We don’t have to film this

‘Cause we don’t wanna miss the memories

We’re finding our own way

Writing our own stories

I wanna paint the sky

With all the shades of life

I’m gonna take a stand

If it’s wrong or right

Don’t you know that black and

white’s for classic movies?

You won’t just find a happy ending

You live your own adventure

So make it colorful

We’re living life in color

Looking beyond the mirror

‘Cause life in color

Is so much clearer

Now we’re bright, feeling confident

So bold, there’s no stopping it

Life in color

No more holding back

Yeah, we’re taking chances

Learning it’s okay

To leap without a landing

Your truth will lift you up

When you think you’re falling

‘Cause once you find your voice

You’ll keep the doubt from calling

Don’t you know that black and

white’s for classic movies?

You won’t just find a happy ending

You live your own adventure

So make it colorful

We’re living life in color

Looking beyond the mirror

‘Cause life in color

Is so much clearer

Now we’re bright, feeling confident

So bold, there’s no stopping it

Life in color


Life in color





I had such an amazing day.

Me too!

Exhausting, but amazing.

How do you do it?

I have a lot of help.

I noticed.

Is it always like that?

So many people every moment?

Watched, planned, perfected.

Every word I say is scripted and

controlled, but not today.

Today I was just me.

The real me!

And people liked me.

I even got to choose my own

flavor of ice cream.

It was so liberating!

I just wish I could share this

feeling with everyone.

You can!

Are you ready to do the interview?

I won’t post it until we after

we swap back, but I find that

speaking when your heart is

bursting with emotion and new ideas?

That makes the best posts.

Let’s do it.

Just look into the camera,

and tell me what you have to say.


I have a very special guest today.

Meet the new queen of Floravia!


but it’s just Amelia.

Amelia noticed that we kinda looked alike,

so we did this amazing thing.

I got to live her life as a princess,

and she got to live.

well, not like a princess.

What was it like switching places, Amelia?

Well, for the first time in my life,

I feel I can share the real me.

I learned I am so much more than

what people see in my photos.

I have opinions, and dreams,

and fears,like you.

And my favorite scoop of ice cream?

All of them.

What else do you have to say?

So much.

The fashion scene in Floravia is fierce!

This is going to be

the highlight of my trip.


I’ve always wanted to ride

one of these things.

go on an exciting chase like

they do in spy movies!

Ugh, tourists!

Well, that was the shortest spy movie ever.

Can’t you come with us?


Alfonso says I have to attend

coronation practice with Johan.

There’s some folk dance I’m supposed

to learn.

See you after?


So what are we eating today?

I don’t know.

I was thinking you knew

what we were gonna eat today.

Since when do you know the princess?


It was Barbie.

Pfft, Barbie.

As if!

Carson, you gotta introduce

me to the princess.

Ugh, seriously Trey?

She .

you .

it’s not

I can see it now:

Ruling the land together.

Her, me.

but mostly me.

Ugh, give it up, Trey.

It’s not gonna happen.

Why not?

I’m getting pretty tired

of everyone telling me

me I’m not “royal enough.

I’m Trey Reardon!

If anyone deserves to be king, it’s me!

If I ruled the world

I would kick it up a notch

King Trey the 1st

Leading with my chiseled jaw

Ruling like it’s never been done

If I was king

King, king, king

King, king of the kingdom

Dom, dom, dom

King of the kingdom

Dom, dom, dom

I’d begin my kingly day

Taking selfies on my throne

I would have a royal guard

Be in charge of charging my phone

Getting spoon fed gelato

Scoop it up, that’s my motto

And every ice cream truck

would have my face

That’s right

If I ruled the world

You know I’d do it right, yeah

I’d be the first

To livestream my royal life

Ever seen a king so handsome?

If I was king

King, king, king

King, king of the kingdom

Dom, dom, dom

King, king of the kingdom

Dom, dom, dom

Filming funny prank videos

With other foreign leaders

I’d royally cut the line

For limited edition sneakers

Host a big celebration

To unite the nation

Yeah, a music festival in my name


I’d be there for the people

Spend time with friends and family

Everybody be equal

ly a fan of me,



Dom, dom, dom

King of the kingdom

Dom, dom, dom

Long live the king

If I was king

King, king, king

King, king of the kingdom

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