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Okay, getting there.

Ready to go again?

How about a break?

We’ve been at this a while, and .


I thought you didn’t like to dance.

I don’t, but this one’s just so.


It’s not just a dance; it reenacts the

treaty between our two countries.

Right, I knew that.



When we perform it

at the coronation, it will

formalize my country

surrending to your’s.


No pressure, right?


Then, when you’re crowned queen,

the countries will unite.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

You win.


We’ll become one, big, happy family.

and you will rule us all.

Oh, I, uh, have to go check on

something else.

Hmm, not bad.

Much better.

Go on, she’s gonna need all the friends

she can get once I become king.

When I rule the world

There’ll be a different dance

I got a thirst

For a little change of plans

I’ll do whatever needs to be done

‘Til I’m king, king, king, king, king!

King of the kingdom.

So cute.

I love animals.



Of course it would be you.

Uh, right.

I’m Barbie,

and you’re my friends.

We’re better friends.

Way better.

Make yourself useful and take a picture.

Cut it out!

So, uh, this has been fun,

but I really need to go after my rabbit.

See you round.

Typical Roberts.

When did she get a rabbit?


There you are.

Hey, what is this?

Let me go!



Huh, weird.

What’s weird?

You mean the auto-foot washer

in the bathroom?

It’s pretty cool once

you find the right setting.

My feet have never been cleaner.

Uh, no, not that.

The princess isn’t answering her phone.

She’s probably having too much fun.

Floravia’s a great place to explore.

I wish you could’ve been there today.

Me too.

This princess thing has been fun,

but so much more overwhelming

than I ever imagined.

To be honest,

I’m kind of looking forward to going home.



So, Barbie, before this trip is over,

I kind of wanted to talk to

you about something.


I, uh.

Did someone say “slumber party?




Aw, you guys are the best.

Your pajamas are adorable!

Told you the shopping in Floravia

was amazing!

Wish you could’ve been there.

What did you do today, Barbie?

Well, I got to dance with the prince.

What was that like?


What was that?


It’s a secret passageway!

I think he wants us to follow him.

Uh, I’ll just wait out here.

Come on, Renee!

You wanted to be a spy!

Uh, not if it means going into

tiny dark spaces!


Okay, I’m, uh, done being a spy!

We can go back now!


A light!

Or not.



This is where I met the princess!

It’s her secret hangout room.

What is it, Snowy?

Where is she?

Ugh, can you believe we have to do this?

Quick, hide!


I need my bunny” Spoiled brat.

We should pretend we couldn’t find it.

That would teach her a lesson.

You know we can’t leave any loose ends.


hurry up and find the silly thing.

There it is!

Let’s go.


That was close.

They took Snowy.

Not good.

The princess is in trouble.

So, everyone know the plan?

We finish

getting dressed for the coronation.

And act like nothing’s wrong.

Then we split up, and

look for the princess.

We’ll take the scooters,

and search the city.

And I’ll find Alfonso and

see what he knows.

Be careful.

I will be.

We can’t let the coronation happen

without Princess Amelia.

Why is being a spy so much

more scary when it’s real?



Now is not a good time.

Now is the perfect time!

Your first post is about to go live!

Wait, you weren’t supposed

to post that until after

It was fabulous!


once my team zhuzhed it.

“Zhuzhed it”?


A few tweaks.

Here, see for yourself.

] “Meet the new queen of Floravia.

You can call me Your Highness!

And my favorite scoop?

Today I was perfected

“That’s awesome!

People liked me.

“Bow to the queen!

“Every word I say sold me.


I watched everyone for

the first time in my life,

I learned I am so much more

than you people.


“Looking gorgeous!



Rose, I.

Love it?

I know.

I don’t!

That’s not my post.

Those aren’t our words!

Well, they are

but you changed them all around!

Great, right?

The latest editing software is amazing!

It can make you say

absolutely anything I want!

What about what I want?

I thought reaching millions of fans

was your dream?

Not if it means speaking

with somebody else’s words

I promised the princess

she could be herself.

This makes me no better than

anyone else who’s controlled her!

You made me look so.



” I made you look like a star!

And that’s how it has to be if

you wanna play in my sandbox!

Remember what I’m offering you here.

Do you want to be on my channel or not?

This deal is off!



That felt good!

Time to get real!

I’m gonna be me

And make my own decisions

I’m gonna be free

Unfiltered, nothing missing

Watch me go anywhere

Feel the wind in my hair

And find myself out there in this world

I’m gonna be me

Not a picture-perfect girl

The princess is out there, Taffy.

Let’s go get her!

And where are you going in

such a hurry, princess?

Oh, Johan, hi.

Or should I say, Barbie?

What are you talking about?

Give it up!

I know you switched places with Amelia.

I saw your necklace

that night on the yacht.

So you’ve known all along?

Did you think I wouldn’t notice?

Once I realized there were two of you,

I put my whole plan into motion.


You have the real princess.

Where is she?

Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.

when you’re thousands of miles away

from here, at sea.

She’s on the yacht!

Very good!

You’re clever!

You would’ve made an excellent queen.

Too bad that will never happen.

Let me go!

Do you think they got bacon?

Oh, dude, you know I love.


Ha, don’t “Trey” me, your Highness.


We’ve never met officially.

Get help!

Dude, that’s Barbie!

And she’s in trouble.

Did not see that coming.


Lock them up.

Didn’t see that coming, either.


Morning sar!

Good girl.

We have to save Amelia.

Let’s ride.

Trouble at the coronation?

I’ll be on the lookout for her.

Go tell the others where we are?

Can you do that?

There she is!

You, come back here!

Got her.


Oh, not you too.

It seems the princess has run away.



I’m sure she’ll be back

any second.

Any second!

And I’m sure she won’t be.

You’re behind this.

If she doesn’t show up.

Then I will claim

the crown and be king of both countries.

and no one can stop me.

, take him!


Let me go!

You won’t get away with this!

Oh, I think I will.

You see, having some of my own men

inside the palace has proven very useful.

Quit struggling!

I gotta find Barbie.

I never liked Johan.

He has such sweaty palms.


Anyway, we need to

stop him from taking your crown.

This is not your problem.

I never should’ve done this.

I’m glad you did.

You showed me I need to stay true to

who I am no matter what.

And you showed me that who I am,

does make a difference.

So, what do you say we go out there

and make a difference.


I’m ready.

How do we get out of here?


I don’t think Johan’ll

be needing this anymore.

Hey, what do you think you’re doing?


This way!



Hi there.

Get them!

Look, dolphins!


There they are!

Hurry up!

Stop them!

They’re on the lower deck!

We’ve got nowhere to go.

Yes, we do!

We’re coming, Barbie!

On three?

On one!



Get it!


I knew you’d get my message

but how’d you get the boat?

An old Floravian tradition

called ride-sharing,

but we owe that guy another goat.


Step on it!

Watch out!

Thank you very much.

Hold on!

Where do you think you’re going?

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