Introduction to Happiness and Beating Stress

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Introduction to Happiness and Beating Stress

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This video details what the course is about, what you will learn and what you will get out of this course for your future personal development

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Thanks from rolling on this happiness course I promise you it will open your eyes to some fascinating research and advice on what can help make your life a more fulfilling one and a more joyful one. Andrew thé from the present and at least present we work with top experts on personal growth and success and whether that be in your work money relationships with your partner the core building block of that success is that your individual happiness is strong. What I mean by that is if you are not happy within yourself no amount of success in other areas will compensate for that well-being. The first vital layer of fulfillment is that your own personal contentment is understood and achieved and we choose those words very carefully. Contentment and understanding your happiness are go through why in the lectures later in the course. But for now the essence is why these words are important because you have to understand your personal drive was an emotional habit to be able to control them better. Each of you are individually unique but there are some sociological principles that we all share. So if you can understand these and your own idiosyncrasies you can better manage your moods the emotional responses and so your level of happiness or indeed sadness now contentment links directly to that because it’s not about constantly being in a state when you’re laughing and cheery. No you shouldn’t be striving for that because it’s not natural but yet you cannot be depressed and miserable either. Everyday it’s about striking a balance between the highs and lows because everyone will face a low experience at some point in their life. Some heartache or some loss of separation is having the tools and mindset to be able to accept leads and overcome them. We will show you in this course how to find that balance of happiness and how to understand what influences your emotional state so you can better manage your emotions or reactions to things that will inevitably happen and your wife will go into the importance of creating purpose in your life. And then there is an important lecture on managing and countering stress that can literally drain your life. All of these emotional responses are built up over time and alert habits. If you’ve never really been coached about life happiness your responses have been built since you were a small child. So 20 30 40 or more years. How easily do you think it is to change those habits. He’ll be living with them all their life. You really need to learn the new habits of happiness and change the habits you have that are detrimental to happiness in the course we unlock the secrets to creating a happy state and staying fulfilled by understanding and learning those habits that are universal and unknown to all except the really contented and harmonious elite in the world. And to finish with we will give you a lecture to help specifically with changing habits building good habits and kicking those bad ones.

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