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Learn how to bring your dream life from the future into the present.

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Are right folks I am so excited we’re finally here let’s get into it. Dream casting dream gassing is a method that you’re going to begin utilizing today tonight before you go to bed. This is a way where you actually can raise your vibration for up to eight hours a day. Let’s talk about what this whole vibration thing is. You heard it in things like the secret. You’ve heard words like manifest then raise your vibration and you’ll attract great things in your life. What does all of that really mean. What how we think and feel about our self is always a self-fulfilling prophecy. Give you an example let’s just say that I think I’m a terrible public speaker. I am never going to look for a job that involves public speaking. I’m never going to join the debate club or a public speaking club. I am not going to even touch any career path that may possibly require me to do public speaking. Also because I have no confidence around being a speaker I’m not even going to enroll in a course or a program or some great things like say Toastmasters because I don’t see myself as a speaker at all. And guess what. At the end of my life that thought of I’m a terrible public speaker is always going to be made true and it’s going to be made to not by magic but by the choices I made based on the belief that I had. So one part of the what you think about comes about discussion is that whatever your beliefs are they do become self-fulfilling prophecies in your life. They always come true. What you think your subconscious trusts you believes you and automatically assumes is true and then your actions and your choices in your behaviors will follow along with the negative beliefs that you have. Ultimately you’ll be right. And if you think life’s going to be hard you’ll be right about that too. So that’s one part of the positive thinking airy fairy topic that some people like to poke fun at but it’s not airy fairy at all. This is proven time and time over and over again and it’s fact that things are worked out that way. The next thing people talk about that a lot of people don’t understand is vibration raise your vibration. What does that mean. Well we are energetic beings we are made up of energy and some of us are very low energy and some of us are buzzing and we’re really high energy. Here’s a way that you can prove this to yourself even if you don’t believe yet that we’re made up of energy. Have you ever been around somebody. And by the time your interaction was done you literally felt like your battery was drained. Like you started in a decent mood but by the end of your interaction it sort of felt like they sucked the life force right out of you. Because were energetic beings we are affected by the energy of the people around us as well. Some people will drain your battery. Some people will charge your battery. Ultimately when you become a self charging battery and a battery that can hold a charge you become an unstoppable person and you get to use funny words that I may or may not have invented like unmissable with. So on the topic of energy when you are vibrating at a low level when your energy field your energy force is low. This doesn’t attract people of high energy to come around you. They actually feel they might not know this on a conscious level but they actually feel the need to avoid you because they’re protecting their energy. So super happy people don’t tend to like to congregate with miserable people. And it’s not just because we consciously say oh that person’s really grumpy I’m not going to hang around them on an energetic level our energy wants to stay away from someone that’s going to pull us down. So people say you raise your vibration if you raise your energy. Like attracts like you’re going to start to attract great people around you. And if our success in life is determined by our associations. So if our associations affect our outcomes Well wouldn’t we all want to associate ourselves with great people high energy high mood resilient happy and that all means of vibrating at a higher level. Well here’s the problem. You might have watched a movie like The Secret which is awesome. You might have come out of that going. I only remember the positive thinking two minutes a day. Surely that’s not enough. Well you’re right. In a 24 hour a day if you only remember to do positive thinking at red lights you’re not going to be affecting your energy in a big enough way. So when I was 17 I developed a method that I called dream casting and it gives you up to eight hours of being in a higher vibrational state. And here’s the best part guys you get to do it while you’re sleeping. Now I know that great things can happen when you sleep. If you happen to be somebody that creates a passive income and you can earn what some people call Beach money or sleep money that’s amazing. But if you can raise your vibration and change your life while you’re sleeping. That’s magic as far as I’m concerned. So here’s how you do it folks dream passing is what you’re going to do tonight when you get in bed. Now you have to set the stage because manifesting which is this other big buzzword that not everybody understands manifesting means you being out the cause of or the source of the things that are going to happen to you and have not yet happened to you. It means you get a say and some control over how the rest of your life unfolds. Manifesting is something that you can begin doing tonight raising your vibration is something that can happen to you all night long tonight. And here’s what we’re going to need to do. Set the stage. So before you go to bed tonight it’s important that you clear the clutter out of your mind and I literally mean the clutter. So you’re going to want to get a pad of paper or you can start a file in your phone or your computer whatever is easier for you but because you’re doing this in the evening it’s best if you don’t stimulate yourself with screens. And I would actually recommend doing this in on a notepad or journal paper. You want to empty off all those things that are taking up space in your mind right now that you don’t need to think about all night long while you’re resting. So picking up the dry cleaning tomorrow making sure that you bake those brownies for your kids bake sale. Getting that report into your boss making sure your alarm is set for the morning. All those little to do’s and tasks and things that are important but you don’t need to think about them all night. Get them out of your head. You want to get to a state of Clear or tabula rasa which means clean slate now now once you get everything that sort of nagging and running over and over out of your head and onto paper. Now you can get into a clean slate space. Why do you want to get to clean. Well only then can you create. So you’re going to get in bed you’re going to get comfortable. Your eyes will still be open and while your eyes are still open before they’ve closed and before you fall asleep you’re going to start to picture your perfect future life and you’re going to picture it in two ways. You’re going to picture it first as the producer of your life as a movie. So you’re going to be looking through the lens of a camera. You’re going to be looking at your life and you will see yourself in it because as the producer behind the camera you’re also looking at you as the starring role in your life. When you think about your future life choose the future that feels right for you today. That might be a month from now or three years or five years or ten years. It might be retirement. It might be end of life where ever that is for you just choose the future that resonates with you right now. I like to work in 10 years because Amazing things can change and transpire and happen over a decade. Once you’ve chosen your timeframe you’re going to start to direct the movie. What do you see out of the lens of the camera. What is going on. Who are you with. Where are you. Where do you live. What’s the state of your physical health. What’s your mood when you look around. How beautiful are your surroundings. If you give thought to your bank account how healthy is that. If you think about your investments Hauert How’s the state of your investments. Think about the people that gravitate towards you and love spending time with you and you love spending time with them. Who’s in your perfect future. Are you working. Are you retired or are you doing a mix of both. Have you produced a book or a series of books. Are they being enjoyed all over the world or are people sending you thank you cards for the difference you make in their lives. Have you picked up a second career or are you living your passion and doing your passion project. Are you a contribution and are you making a difference for other people. Are there people that genuinely come to you and are so grateful that because of you they get to experience a better life. Just picture what is your future life look like. Maybe you’re traveling with a small suitcase and embarking on a one year journey all over the world and that is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. Whatever it is for you look at it through the lens and now shift your perspective and shift it as if you are now in virtual reality videogaming and you’re not looking through the camera lens but you’re looking out of these lenses and you’re looking around your ideal life through your own eyes. Now you’re going to bring your senses into awareness and you’re going to experience this future movie or this dream cast with all of your senses. Let’s start with the one that’s most overlooked which is your sense of smell. Do you smell the Nana muffins in the background. Do you smell coconuts in some lotion because you’re on a beach somewhere. Do you smell the scent of a newborn baby in your arms. Do you smell food from the restaurant that you just opened. Let’s take a moment and register a scent file. And what do you see. Look around you three hundred and sixty degrees. Picture this like either of virtual reality game or a real estate simulation. I know if you’ve looked on a real estate site in the last few years there’s virtual reality tours where you can go down any hall any direction and see. So really look look up and look down. Look all around you and register the flower what your dream movie your future ideal life looks like. And look at all of our senses there. What does it taste like. Are you eating better foods. Are you drinking finer wines. What are all of the sensory expressions that you get to experience. How does it feel touch the world around you touch the people in the world that are with you. And how does it sound. Are you on the busy streets of Tokyo. Are you in the quiet nature reserves in Costa Rica. Hearing just birds chirping. What does it sound like. And something interesting happens when you can see your future life moving both ways when you can see it through the camera lens and almost the out of your body watching yourself in it and then take the angle of being in it and experiencing it with all your senses on a cellular level. You start to internalize that this is actually real Happening now no longer a future vision but it’s an experience that you’re having in the present. And in order to raise our vibration we can’t think of when I have X I’ll be happier I’ll vibrate higher. We have to always start with gratitude that I already have it now. I am grateful and happy now and I’m enjoying the receiving of it now and then almost magically you start receiving it now. The energy vibration game is a bit of a Fake it til you make it exercise. So doing dream casting does something really unique. You’re going to fall asleep while you’re in the process. Somewhere between lying in bed eyes open and starting to run the movie through the lens of the camera and running the movie through virtual reality experience. You’re going to fall asleep. You’re going to put yourself into a dream state and you were the producer of your dreams. Now I don’t know about you but as a child I had night terrors and two of my three children deal with nightmares. It’s an awful thing when you have no control over your night and you wake up in panic in stress with anxiety. Definitely not manifesting anything good for your life and certainly not raising your vibration and dream casting. It’s so easy to do. It’s fun. It’s almost effortless actually exciting because there are so many things that we could stress about when we go to bed. All those things we haven’t done well enough they need to do more of or better of or less of tomorrow or we could go to bed at night and we could be the creator of our dreams. And if you’re sleeping in the recommended sleep window which is up to eight hours of quality sleep every night. Imagine waking up in the morning and you’ve been in a dream state that you wrote and created and that dream state was your future ideal life. When you get out of bed in the morning first of all you’re going to feel fantastic. You’re going to feel well-rested. You will probably have woken up with the sweats less you will probably have tossed and turned less. And if you are not a great sleeper and need some things to help you to invoke a more restful sleep there’s lots of natural methods. Drop me a comment and I can send you some of those natural techniques but I can promise you folks when you start doing casting every single day out of the 24 hour period you have the potential of holding your highest visions as though they’re happening now which is how you raise your vibration which is how you attract great things to come towards you for up to a third of your day. Now that’s powerful. So right now clear out an extra 10 minutes before your bedtime routine tonight Don’t let Tonight happen and have you not start dream casting because then tomorrow will happen and then you just won’t start. Make the commitment that tonight you start doing casting. Make this a ritual and a habit and just watch how much things start shifting. How much you start making different choices how are things that seemed far away all of a sudden start manifesting in your life. And I can’t wait to hear about the happiness that gets created as great things come your way. So come on back to the next lecture. We’re going to go into our next topic. See said.

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