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Hailey concludes your course, and sets the stage for what to do next.

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Congratulations on making it towards the end of the course I say towards the end and not to the end because we’re almost done. I just want to recap what we’ve talked about so far throughout the course. We have opened up the topics of happiness and resiliency and we’ve taken a look at what they mean how they’re connected. What’s so out there in the world and perhaps how you’re feeling inside yourself. We’ve taken a look at the impacts where happiness and resiliency are missing and what some of the options are on the traditional modalities side as well as coaching as an option to learn new tools for resiliency. So you can experience more happiness. We’ve touched on the fact that there are 20 survive and thrive methods. Unfortunately we couldn’t cover all of them today but we did cover two of them. Now we cover them so that you can begin utilizing them today. There is more to the magic. But from what you already got today today is enough for you to stop putting all excuses in your way. Just put them to the side to stop procrastinating and to literally start today. I encourage you to dream past tonight. Set aside those extra 10 minutes so you can start being in the driver’s seat of your future. So why the inquiry will make those questions available to you. I want you to ask yourself what areas of your life now or from the past are still lingering with mess around them. Trauma trauma baggage hatred anger resentment regret shame pain all of that and make a list of areas where you’re still holding lingering stuff. Make a list of some of the things you made up about yourself because of what happened and a list of traits that no longer serve you. So if I had a belief story that I’m a terrible public speaker that wouldn’t serve me in my role as a coach a speaker a trainer and an online course educator. That would be a belief that I would be putting on the list and excited to take off the list. Looking at the list of beliefs that no longer serve you invent from nothing. Some beliefs that would serve you that would enable you to be the kind of person that gets to have the juicy exciting happy life beliefs that would allow you to be that resilient person who can handle all things. Make a list of those. And as we work together through further courses or coaching you’ll learn how to put those beliefs into you and into action and reframe those stories from your past start rethinking your story and start going to bed at night with a sense of purpose that you’re on a mission that you have the power that your in the driver seat of your life and you can’t stop bad things from happening. That we say Don’t wish for less problems just wished to be better. Don’t wish folks that you have no challenges just know and trust that when you do the work you will be resilient you will be able to handle those challenges with grace and you will in fact be better off for having endured them. And so yes you can go through horrible things and in fact end up grateful because of it. So I thank you so much for getting this far. There are some other little bits if you stay on with me and we’ll see you in the next lecture.

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