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In this section, we go into the real stuff. We are going over two Thrive and Survive Strategies.

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Welcome back congratulations for staying the course and staying in the course of this is the section where we’re going into the real stuff. This is the magic the skills and I’ve alluded to that there are 20 survive and thrive methods as I mentioned earlier folks. I do apologize but we can’t possibly go through all of them together. Today we’re going to cover two of them in depth so you can start using them right away. Today for the other 18. You’ll be able to access other courses subsequent courses where we’ll go through them or we can do some 1:1 work to make sure that your arsenal of tools is complete and you have everything that you need available to you on demand anytime because you’ll have it stored and you’ll be ready to rock. And when challenges come at you you’re going to know what to do. So one of the methods we’re going over is called the whiny inquiry. This is going to help us reframe challenges that are happening in the past and even in the present. And the other method we’re going to go through is called Dream casting. This is going to help you start manifesting your future and pulling your dream life your ideal life closer towards you in the now as we go through this section. Engage. Comment and let me know how you’re doing with it and please take the time to jot things down. Go ahead and read Rotch real lesson record and really get ready to dive into some good stuff. I’ll see you in the next lecture.

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