Practice Question 1 in Real-time

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Practice Question 1 in Real-time

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So now you know what ingredients you need to construct a great essay.

And I’ve also given you the recipe for correctly structuring your essay.

Now in this third part of our course we’re going to be putting everything together.

We’re going to combine the ingredients with our recipe and in this part we’re gonna start cooking.

Basically you’re going to see me write an answer to a real ls writing task one question and I’m going

to set a 20 minute timer and write this essay in front of you in real time.

Now I just want to make a quick note before we get into writing the task one essay I said a 20 minute

timer and I recorded this essay first and then I’ve added my commentary as a voiceover after having

already recorded the essay.

Now let’s take a look at our practice question number one

so here is our practice question and here I’m simply spending some time reading the question and making

sure that I understand exactly what the question is asking me

so once I’ve read the question and looked at my infographics I’m now ready to start writing my first


in this introduction paragraph I’m simply paraphrasing the question language that describes what this

line graph is about

so notice the synonyms that I’m using and also take note of how I’m changing up the word order to rephrase

the question language

I’ve also given some additional information by including the time period over which our line graph is


now here.

I’m ready to start writing my second paragraph which is the overview and here I’m simply looking at

the highest and the lowest data points at the beginning of our graph and at the end of our graph

so here I’ve decided to start my overview by using the phrase generally speaking

now here I’m forced describing the low wage data point


One of our low wage data points occurs at the start of the graph.

So in this sentence so far I’ve not only described the lowest data point but I’ve also described the

starting data point for our line graph.

So in our first sentence we’ve described the lowest data points.

We’ve said that the lowest endpoint occurs at 6 a.m. and also in the late evening at 4 pm

in the second sentence we’re describing the highest data point we’ve said that by 8 a.m. the station

reaches its peak volume and then we’ve said that by 10:00 p.m. the total amount drops significantly.

So by describing what happens at 10:00 pm we have described our ending data point now that we’ve finished

our overview we’re ready to start writing the detailed paragraphs.

So in our detailed paragraphs we’re first going to split our info graphic into two halves so we’re going

to split our line graph vertically in the middle.

We’re going to talk about the first half in the third paragraph and then we’ll talk about the second

half in the fourth paragraph

so you’ll notice that we’re starting to describe the key numeric details now.

So here we’re describing numbers such as one hundred passengers or that the number of passengers surges

over the next two hours and so on.

So you can only describe these key numeric details in your detailed paragraphs which are your paragraph

number three and four

we’re now describing our highest data point which is when our number of passengers reaches a total of

four hundred which is by 8:00 a.m.

So we’re describing these data points because these are important data points.

Remember we always have to describe the starting data point and the ending data point.

And we also have to describe the highest and the lowest data points

notice our use of vocabulary words saying that the volume quickly plummets to show that there’s a sharp

drop in our graph.

So make sure to use vocabulary words such as this to convey the accurate meaning

so here I’m describing the data point for 10:00 a.m. I’ve decided to include this data point because

this data point is a turning point.

This is a data point where our graph goes from going down to going up again

so here I’ve decided to talk about another turning point.

This data point happens at 2:00 p.m. when our total volume of passengers reaches a total of three hundred.

So at this data point our graph goes from going up to going down again.

So that’s why this is a data point which is a turning point and we’ve decided to talk about it but we’ve

decided to end our third paragraph here since that complete the first half of our line graph

now we’re going to talk about the second half in our fourth paragraph.

Now we’re simply describing the behavior of our line graph.

We’re saying that starting at 2:00 p.m. the number of passengers continues dropping until it reaches

another turning point.


Which also happens to be one of our lowest data points in our line graph

so here we’ve given the numeric details for this data point.

We’re saying that it continues dropping until reaching the lowest point of one hundred passengers.

So now we’re describing another turning point which happens at 6 PM at 6 pm.

The number of passengers changes from going up to going down again so since this is an interesting development

in our line craft we’re going to talk about it

now in the same sentence I’m describing another turning point which happens at 8:00 p.m..

Now we’re going to be talking about our final data point for this line graph our line graph ends at

10 pm so we’re simply going to describe this data point and and our fourth paragraph there

notice the use of vocabulary words here.

We’ve used phrases such as passenger volume and steadily rises to show off our vocabulary and to convey

the precise meaning.

So now we’ve described all the important data points in the second half of our infographics and our

fourth paragraph is now complete.

And with that our entire task one essay for this practice question is also complete.

So here you’ll notice that we still have a minute remaining.

So what we’re going to do in this remaining time is we’re going to go back to our essay and we’re going

to read our essay and we’re going to check for mistakes.

We’re going to make sure that we haven’t made any simple mistakes or errors that can be easily fixed

so here I am simply going through my essay and checking my work

so I’ve checked my work and I see that there are no mistakes to be fixed.

So I’m now finished with my task one essay so that brings us to the end of this video in the next video

I’m going to break down this answer into much more detail.

I’m going to break down the different ingredients that have went into writing this essay and I’ll also

break down the recipe that has gone into writing this essay so I’ll see you in the next video in which

we’re going to be breaking down all the different components.

And we’ll take a look at how everything has come together to create a great essay.

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