Practice Question 2 in Real-time

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Practice Question 2 in Real-time

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In this video we’ll be doing a second practice question in real time so let’s get to it

so here.

I’m starting off by first carefully reading my question

now I’m looking at the infographics

are making sure that I have a good understanding of what the question is asking.

So now that I know what the question is asking me for and what the infographics are about I’m now ready

to start writing my introduction paragraph


I’m simply paraphrasing the question language I’m using synonyms and changing up the word order to rephrase

it in my own words

notice the synonyms for example instead of saying abroad I’ve said overseas

here I’m forming a complex structure by using the conjunction whereas

So that completes our introduction of basically paraphrased the question language I have described what

the table is about.

And I’ve also described what the bar graph is about.

Now it’s time to move on to writing the overview.

Our second paragraph and here I am simply looking at the highest and the lowest data points in the table

and the bar graph notice that I’m starting my overview by using the phrase in general this is a great

way to start your overview.

You can use words such as in general or overall to start your overview


I’m describing the highest data point for the table


I’m combining the data from the bar graph

since we’re talking about the year 1998.

I’m also including additional information from the bar graph in the same sentence


I’m using the phrase on the contrary to make a comparison

I’m now describing the lowest data point in the table.

Now I’m combining this information about the wage data point which is in nineteen ninety five.

I’m combining this information with a bar graph

so now my overview is complete and I’m ready to start writing the detailed paragraphs.

So for the detailed paragraphs we have to split our info graphic into two halves.

So here I’m going to talk about our table in paragraph three and I’ll talk about the bar graph in the

fourth paragraph.

Notice I’ve started my third paragraph with the word specifically you can use this word when you’re

giving specific information about your info graphic


I’m starting to describe the key numeric details for the table and I’m starting off by talking about

the different categories.

So here I’m starting off by first talking about holidays

so notice that here I’m simply providing the numeric details for the year 1994 and the ending data point

which is 1998 remember you only have to talk about the most important data points.

So now that we’re done talking about holidays it’s time to start talking about the next category which

is business trips and visits to family and friends

in this sentence.

I’m simply combining our two categories which are business trips and trips to friends and relatives.

I’m combining these two categories into a single sentence on describing the data points for both these

categories at the beginning and at the end of our table.

So now that we’re done with our third paragraph we can now move on to describing the second part of

our infographics.

In this case we’re going to be describing the bar graph so we’re starting our fourth paragraph by using

the phrase regarding destinations.

This is another phrase that you can use when starting the detailed paragraphs

notice that here again we’re not describing every single data point in our bar graph.

We’re simply describing the starting and the ending data points.

Remember that you don’t have a lot of time when writing the task one essay.

You only have a total of 20 minutes.

So it’s important that you prioritize your time and do not make your essay too long.

Now we’re using the phrase on the other hand to make a comparison

since we’ve already talked about our first region which is Western Europe.

We’re now talking about the remaining regions which are North America and other unspecified regions.

So we’re going to be combining the information for these remaining regions into a single sentence

notice that here we’re not describing every data point again in fact in this case we’ve made a general

statement that the remaining regions had under 4000 visits each year from 1994 to 1998

now that I have some remaining time I’m spending that time to track my essay and to make sure that there

aren’t any mistakes or errors.

OK so I’ve checked my work and I see that there are no mistakes or errors to be fixed.

So here I’m finished with my task one essay So that concludes this video in the next video.

I’m going to be breaking down this answer in much more detail and I’m going to show you all the different

components that have went into writing this essay.

So I’ll see you there.

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