First open strings.

دوره یادگیری ویولون ، فصل 3 : First open strings.

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Learn about the different ways we can change the sound of the violin- sounding point, bow speed, and bow pressure. Troubleshoot some of the most common problems with the sound when you start playing for the first time.

Join me in finding the correct angle of the violin and a position where the left arm can be comfortably held in the air for longer periods of time.

And here we go playing! Starting in the middle of the bow, in the same manner we used in the exercises from lecture 8.

Learn the specifics of playing in the lower half of the bow.

Challenge your coordination and learn how to use the entire length of the bow, starting with rests between each note.

In this lecture you will be presented to two of the basic bow strokes - portato and legato, and the difference between them. You will learn how to fluently connect all parts of the bow in continuous bow strokes without the rests.

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