Playing with the whole bow with rests.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: First open strings. / درس 5

Playing with the whole bow with rests.

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Challenge your coordination and learn how to use the entire length of the bow, starting with rests between each note.

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The next step will be to add the third part of the ball movement movement the one which pushes to the front and the arm is straight. Make sure you don’t over extend the arm. We don’t want this locked keep a very slight bend in the elbow. It’s the direction of the movement that matters. The natural instinct will be to continue moving that arm behind us. But in this case the ball will lose its connection with the strings. So instead we push to the front at the tip of the ball. The same way you already practice with the pencil. OK. We start on the street check cuple of shirt. Make sure everything is well aligned. The violin position bolthole fingers are relaxed and the boys bouncing on top. Let’s go a a. And a.

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