Adding the violin.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: First open strings. / درس 2

Adding the violin.

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Join me in finding the correct angle of the violin and a position where the left arm can be comfortably held in the air for longer periods of time.

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OK now let’s add the violin find finding balance first scan your body from the hills to the had. So it’s well-lined if you hold the violin in your left arm rotate the arm first and then start lifting it. Focus on the rest being the central point when you let play the shoulder rest on the shoulder. Lift the had a little turn to the left and then drop the weight of the hand on the chin rest tuck your chin over. Make sure you know this trivial the rotation of the left are evenly between all the joints shoulder elbow and wrist all of them should be taking part. So there is no one that twists more than the others. Now move the left arm to the left and to their right to find the most natural direction of the arm. See if you turn your left arm to inch to the right. Then the rotation of the arm becomes too extreme. The arm is too much to the left. Then the arm becomes really hard to get to the violin and keep the ball straight. Usually at the beginning holding the violin up for extended period of time is quite challenging. However if you move the arm very slowly to the left and to the right you will find one very comfortable position. When you find the right place you literally feel you can hold your arm there with no effort for hours to the last and to the right. And here is this place. So experiment experiment and if you listen to the feedback you’re getting from your shoulder you’ll find this position and you’ll begin and you will begin creating your relationship with it.

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