Playing with the whole bow without rests. Portato and legato stroke.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: First open strings. / درس 6

Playing with the whole bow without rests. Portato and legato stroke.

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In this lecture you will be presented to two of the basic bow strokes - portato and legato, and the difference between them. You will learn how to fluently connect all parts of the bow in continuous bow strokes without the rests.

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The next exercise will do is very similar. However to take out the arrests and go and slide separation between each quadrant booster on the string again we’ll go through a G and we’ll finish on E-string. Take a moment to check on your posture your balance the position of the violin and the bow before you start. Very good. Now let’s do the same thing but without stopping between the coronets it will be one continuous motion all the way to the end of the bow and then back again we start on Destry. Very nice. So now you can play open strings on the violin as you can see it’s not very simple but it’s not difficult as well. It’s just a question of practicing the correct movements very slowly so you create good habits. The last exercise will play in this video will be with string crossings. First we’ll play it in half notes. Then in coronets. Excellent. These are just a few examples of all the possible combinations you can do with open strings. Feel free to add more patterns and to experiment with rhythms if you feel that a video with more of these will be useful. Let me know and I can record some extra exercises.

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