Playing the notes on the A string.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: Using the left hand fingers. Placement and exercises. / درس 2

Playing the notes on the A string.

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Learn to play the notes on A string, paying special attention on the little finger.

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Now let’s align all the fingers with the lines we have from the sticker wars start with the forefinger the forefinger goes on the Orange Line. The third finger on the line the second on the red and the first one on the yellow. If you don’t have a sticker match on the pitch on the forefinger with the open E like that’s all. Now here is a very important detail. Make sure you can read Troja the forefinger. You move the bar off or down. Don’t try to stretch that finger only. That’s not a very successful strategy see the forefinger is the shortest and the weakest finger in general. It needs all the help it can get to be able to do all the other fingers can do easily. So what do we do with just the position of the whole arm. So the forefinger is just above the place it needs to go and we only need to drop it down and press the string no extra stretching no reaching no extending I call it a little finger. The very important finger the VIP of the left hand fingers right. Once you find the position of the forefinger the rest of the fingers can easily align on their places and if needed. You can stretch back the first and the second fingers slightly. They’re strong and flexible. It’s not a problem for them to do it. With all the fingers on the string and on the right places. Let’s get the Boag check out all make sure that the thumb is band and the fingers are relaxed on top. And let’s play a few notes together. This play the note with the forefinger on a string. It’s the note E laid in the middle of the ball. Every note is one big long. These will be quaternions. Now left the forefinger. Keep all the other fingers on the string and keep playing quarter notes. This is the No. D. Make sure that the forefinger is still close to the string and is ready to go down when you need it. Now let’s alternate the four and the third finger. So we’ll play four notes with the forefinger reading four notes with the third finger OK. Now let’s lift both third and forefinger and let’s play the second high finger then no C Sharp OK. Let’s alternate with the forefinger we’ll play for quarter notes with the forefinger and four quarter notes with the second king. Make sure the position of the arm is such that the forefinger is just above the waist and normally has to go down. No additional stretching neither OK. Now let’s lift all the fingers and leave only the first finger down when fingers are in the air. Keep them close to the string so they can get back to the string very easily. Now let’s alternate first and forefinger will play four fingers four times and first finger four to.

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