Playing at the lower third and the middle of the bow.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: First open strings. / درس 4

Playing at the lower third and the middle of the bow.

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Learn the specifics of playing in the lower half of the bow.

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The next step will be to add that to other parts of the show our movement. Remember the pencil exercise. One two three. If for some reason you decided to skip this exercise I think by now you’re convinced that everything in this course has a very special place and very good reason to be here. So maybe you would want to go back and revisit it before continuing with the. If you already practice dad and you feel quite familiar with that I can only humbly say. Good for you. Let’s move on. We’ll start with adding the motion in the upper arm of the board. We’ll play two notes in the same direction with the rest between them. What is the rest. Well it’s a pause. Silence in music. The main thing about rests is that they’re measured the same way notes are measured. In this case to play a note one beat and all rest one beat start at the very frog which is somewhere under your index finger. Not all the way at the metal part of the frog. So start at the frog and play the first part of note moving the upper arm pause add another quarter note using mostly the forearm something like that start on the stream and then you will go to a G and E-Strings if you can play in front of a mirror it will be easier to control how you’re moving the bow and what part of the arm you’re using. So check on your posture make sure your body is aligned by Alem position left arm evenly rotated in all the joints. The ball is balancing on the thumb and the fingers are relaxed. Are these tricks. Here we go. OK. Now from here let’s lower the upper arm just a little bit and go to a string level and continue from there. Now let’s leave the upper arm and go to G-strings. Now let’s lower the upper arm all the way down to E-string and play there. Remember to use a much lighter bow than the bow we used to play on G string.

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