11 - Excitement About Whats Next! MaryAnne Nestor Gives Special Hints

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Coursera – Learning How to Learn

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11 - Excitement About Whats Next! MaryAnne Nestor Gives Special Hints

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Hi, I’m Mary Ann, one of the TA’s for

the Learning How to Learn Course.

The first module is almost over and

I would like to take

a minute to encourage you.

I can tell you from my own experience this

course has changed how I study and learn.

Before this course I would study hard, but

no matter how much I studied I

couldn’t retain what I learned.

Honestly, I thought there

was something wrong with me.

Then I took this course and I found

out it was the way I was learning, or

thought I was learning,

that was the problem.

All these years of schooling,

including an undergraduate degree, and

a masters degree and

I never had one instructor show me

what the instructors in

this course share with us.

Using the techniques I

learned in this course,

I now know how to retain

the information I want to learn.

Participants in other courses

sometimes drop the first week.

But don’t do that in this course.

You will lose out on

an opportunity of a lifetime.

Knowing how we can learn effectively

is a life skill everyone needs,

no matter where we are in life.

It’s never too late.

If you see me in the discussion forum,

say hello.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how we

can help each other learn, how to learn.

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