41 - Introduction to Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential

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41 - Introduction to Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential

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This week we’re going to wrap up a slew of important ideas

and techniques that will help round out and enhance your ability to

learn well using metaphors and analogies to work

profitably with teammates and not to undercut your own strengths,

and finally, to perform well on tests.

One important thought though before we launch into this week’s videos.

Learning doesn’t progress logically so that each day

just adds an additional neat package to your knowledge shelf.

Sometimes you hit a wall in constructing your understanding.

Things that made sense before can suddenly seem confusing.

This type of knowledge collapse seems to occur

when your mind is restructuring it’s understanding,

building a more solid foundation.

In the case of language learners,

they experience occasional periods when the foreign language

suddenly seems completely incomprehensible.

Remember, it takes time to assimilate new knowledge.

You’ll inevitably go through some periods where you seem to

take an exasperating step backwards in your understanding.

This is a natural phenomenon that means that

your mind is wrestling deeply with the material.

You’ll find that when you emerge from these periods of temporary frustration,

your knowledge base will take a surprising leap forward.

I’m Barbara Oakley.

Thanks for learning How to Learn.

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