An Introduction to the Course

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An Introduction to the Course

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Them everybody. And welcome to mastering eilts writing task too from the eilts teacher. It’s great to meet you. My name is Matt and I’m going to be your teacher for the duration of this course a little bit about me before we begin. I’ve been teaching English since 2000 and eight and in 2013 I set up my own website to exclusively help students to prepare for the science exam. This website is called the eilts TEACHER the eilts teacher dot com and it is one of the leading websites for Skype based eilts tuition. So if you would like to speak to a shooter rather than just be taught through a video course then check out the eilts teacher dot com and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. So let me introduce you to the course. First of all who is the course for. Well if you’re aiming to achieve a band 7 or above in eilts Writing this course is for you even if you aiming to achieve a six point five you will find something useful here. But even if youre at a band seven level already and youre aiming to achieve a six point seven point five or an eight then this course is still going to be very very helpful. How is the course structured. Well there are seven sections in this course each designed to improve your writing and help you master the task to essay. Why does the cause work while the course works because it covers everything. Every paragraph every sentence every tip every technique every brand descriptor everything. So let’s look in a bit more detail at how the Course is structured. We start in this section here which is the introduction the introduction to the course. The introduction to eilts and an introduction to the eilts Writing band descriptors following on from that. We look at how to approach the essay before we even start writing. We need to think about things like the different question types how to plan and time your essay what to do about the word counts and will also check out a model answer to see what a typical band 7 response looks like. After that will talk about coherence and cohesion 25 percent of your score. Looking at things like the introduction the glue and the conclusion body paragraphs cohesive devices referencing. After that will think think about Task achievement and task response. So how to find ideas how to develop those ideas how to avoid generalizations how to create and maintain a position so each of the previous two sections are all about improving your marks. In each of the different band descriptor categories coherence and cohesion task response or task achievement lexical resource and grammatical range and accuracy. And that’s what the following two sections are about improving your vocabulary paraphrasing range collocations and then improving your range and accuracy of grammar. How to write simple sentences accurately how to introduce complex sentences. Things like relative clauses and conditionals which will help your score go from a band 7 to a band 8 and then finally we have a conclusion where we just summarize what we’ve learnt and talk about how you can study effectively on your own and one way that you can study effectively on your own is to actually have your writing corrected by a professional eilts tutor so you may want to think about taking eilts Writing corrections from the eilts teacher dot com. There will be a 10 percent discount code given to you at the end of this course so that will allow you to practice your writing and have your work corrected by somebody who knows exactly how the eilts writing test is examined. Now let’s talk about how best to approach this course. Now my recommendation is that you should try to complete this course within four weeks. That’s a good amount of time to absorb the information and be able to apply it. However if you do have responsibilities of course prioritize accordingly and take your time to make the most of this course. You should try to do a number of things. First of all bring a hard working attitude to every lecture. Should also try to apply what you have learnt to self study practice those two points go hand in hand try to take notes while you. Done. And then use those notes to help you when you come to practice on your own. Try to read at least two articles or book chapters in English every day. This is going to be a piece of advice which I repeat again and again throughout this course. It’s one of the most important things that you can do if you care about improving your writing. Reading improves writing it helps you notice the natural patterns in written English and then you are able to use those patterns to help you write a nice natural essay. Finding eilts writing tutor to check your work as I mentioned this is something that we offer on my website. The child’s teacher dot com. But you can also look elsewhere for tutors as well. Just try to make sure you’re finding someone who can point you in the right direction regarding what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Install freedom. Now this is optional entirely optional. But freedom is a piece of software which cuts out all distractions online. So if you are a little bit like me somebody who struggles to avoid distractions in the form of social media or online shopping news things like that. Freedom is an absolutely essential program in terms of boosting your productivity and reducing the time that you waste on other websites. For me it’s been an indispensable tool in terms of increasing productivity and you can access freedom by checking out the link on the screen. Finally try to enjoy the writing process. The people who learn the most are usually the ones who are having the most fun. So do what you can to try and enjoy the writing process and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy that feeling of improving in your writing. You do have any queries or inquiries that you’d like to put forward to me. Then please don’t hesitate to contact me with these. I do read everything that you send. So there are a variety of ways which you can contact me. You can use me to joshi’s a comp comment function at the side of the page. You can email me at Matt at the eilts teacher dot com. I have a Facebook page Facebook dot com slash the eilts teacher. You can Skype me at the dot dot teacher and of course there is my website there. W w w dot the eilts t should dot com where you can learn a bit more about what we are by what I and my teachers are doing on a daily basis. My recommended form of communication is my email address. It tends to be the fastest form of communication because I’m always checking my emails. But you can obviously communicate with me in any of these other ways as well. So I’m really looking forward to getting started. I think you’re going to find a lot of useful information in this course and so without further ado let’s move on to the next lecture and I’ll see you there.

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