Exercises for the movement of the wrist.

دوره: یادگیری ویولون / فصل: Introduction. Basics of sound production and bow hold. / درس 7

Exercises for the movement of the wrist.

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Join me in a few exercises developing the flexibility of the wrist.

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Here are a few exercises that will help you develop a little bit more flexibility in the wrist. They are very simple, you can do them not only in the time you have designated for violin practice, but when watching TV, when you work on a computer, or doing something else and you right hand is free. So, we will start with the palm facing up and we will go down and up, down and up, down up. Keep the fingers very relaxed, we are moving the whole hand. Now let’s go a little faster, little slower. Now let’s change the direction to left and right. Move slowly, the fingers and hand are very relaxed the movement is in the wrist. Ok, now let’s turn the arm, so the pencil is straight and go to the left and to the right left, right. Fingers are relaxed, We are moving the whole hand. Now let’s change the direction to up - down up and down, little faster little slower Controlled movement! Now, turn the whole arm, so the thumb is under the fingers, and let’s go down and up, slowly control the movement on the way down, so not dropping the hand, but with control. ok, let’s go a little faster, again slower at any point, if you feel that thumb is bending in stop, correct it, put it into the correct position, and continue to exercise. Let’s do left and right. Keep it very easy on your wrist, don’t push it too much! If you push too much at the beginning you may injure yourself and then you will link violin with pain. So, be careful! Let’s go back to straight pencil, up and down, left and right…you get the idea. You can do these anytime your right hand is free and these will be very very helpful for getting the correct finger position and flexible wrist

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