Placing the violin.

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Placing the violin.

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Step by step guide on how to hold the violin.

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Now let’s take the violin with the right hand. We are getting close. Your patience is going to be rewarded. Keeping the shoulders relaxed. Let’s bring the violin to our body. Same as with the ball. We don’t bring the body to the violin. We bring the instrument to us and the body keeps relaxed. Let’s do it again. So we’ll bring the violin to our body and we’ll put the shoulder to rest on the shoulder. Let’s press with the right hand and feel the response of the shoulder to shoulder rest should be laying fully on the collarbone. So the shoulder joint is ready to move keep holding the volume with the right hand and support with the left. And now let’s lift the shoulders up. Move them back and drop them down one more time back and down. Next lift your eyes up look to the left and drop them down to look at a scrub. Your job will be gently pressing the chin rest. There should be enough to secure the bottom in place let’s go back. Lift your eyes up go back jump and down. I don’t want to bombard you with more anatomy but there is a good very good reason. We leave the had the had first the movement to the left and then run down as opposed to doing down and let actually even better. If you focus on moving your eyes your sight to the last because that will make the movement much more natural. Let’s do it again together. Look to the ceiling. Want to live. Grab your eyes to look at this Kro jarred gently touching the chin rest in the head relaxed. Thank you Jim. Since we mentioned that had Bear in mind that the weight of our had is about 10 times the weight of the violin. So there is no need of a lot of pressure. Let the gravity do most of the work for you feel the weight of the hand going all the way down to this to the center of your feet. That spot we found earlier and we named center of balance. The violin should feel pretty stable and you should feel pretty comfortable. If that’s not the case you may consider experimenting with different height or different shape. Chin rests or shoulder rests. The first thing that is easy to do is to adjust the height of the shoulder rest. So try this first. The head stays too high when you pull the jaw and the chin rest. Then maybe the shoulder rest is too high. Try lowering it a little so the weight of the had rests comfortably on the violin. Very rarely. You will need to extend the shoulder rest much higher. Keep in mind that the hand goes too high then the weight will move to the other side and you will have to use muscle strength to keep the violin in place. Practice with this video for a while and follow all these steps every time you bring the violin up. This way you will make sure you are creating very natural healthy biling hold.

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