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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

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did they know about it most of the

stories of ancient Egypt and Mayan and

Incas talked about Sun God’s coming to

the earth and teaching them engineering

and writing and all of their science I

started to wonder if all these Sun gods

were not advanced civilization coming

from another part of our galaxy

these texts and many ancient cultures

described them as coming in flying boats

or in the Vedic tradition flying

machines and so on

there is many mention of these Sun gods

coming through tired

could these early pilots from beyond our

world be the ones responsible for

sharing the knowledge of this code could

they actually be tapping its power to

propel themselves through the cosmos

this isn’t where I thought my research

would lead me and these notions were

rocking my world but no sim has

impressive evidence to back up his

theories and I could see no other

rational way advanced math and physics

concepts would have been recorded over

3,000 years ago I sought out one of the

most knowledgeable investigators dr.

Steven Greer the founder of the Center

for the Study of extraterrestrial

intelligence he’s conducted hundreds of

interviews with top ranking government

military witnesses and so when we talk

about extraterrestrial intelligence

we’re talking about civilizations that

have reached the point of being a

sentient like we are but whose

technologies and perhaps social

capabilities are such that they’ve been

able to become interstellar or

interplanetary civilizations and when

you look at the fact that most

conservative estimates are in the Milky

Way galaxy that there are at least

10,000 earth-like planets that have

intelligent life on them

and that at least half of them are

likely to be as advanced or more than

hours it’s almost a certainty that

there’s intelligent life out there that

have mastered the laws of the universe

beyond what’s currently taught at MIT

and Caltech to be able to transfer

through space-time in real time through

vast distances of interstellar space we

have over 4,000 cases where these

objects have landed on terra firma and

left physical evidence we have over

3,500 pilot cases we have hundreds of

cases including ones from the highest

ranking investigator at the FAA John

Callahan and numerous other operators

where these objects have been tracked on

radar going tens of thousands of miles

per hour or dematerializing and then

reappearing in another point in the sky

yes there have been et visitation there

have been crashed craft there have been

material and bodies recovered we have

contact with aliens not originating from

some foreign country but from some other

solar system and I have been a party to

that there were documents that I have

seen that refer to the Roosevelt having

several instances of UFO flyovers and

particularly after they took onboard

nuclear weapons my CEO told me join me

list you know what do you got in your

law this never happened

Ruth Elaine on duty and their crew

coming off duty all saw the UFO just

hovering in mid area it was a metallic

circular object and from what I

understand the missiles were all shut

though it means that went dead and

something turned those missiles off now

remember all this stuff is flying at

several thousand miles an hour so this

thing fires a beam of light at the

warhead hits it and then this thing

flies up like this meanwhile we’re all

going like this fires another beam of

light goes around like this we’re going

like this fires another beam of light

goes down like this fires another beam

of light and then flies out the way it

came in in the warhead

tumbles out of the heart of space the

feeling at the time was that it must

have been extraterrestrial they took the

film and they pulled off the part that

had the UFO on it and they took a pair

of scissors and cut it off they put that

on a separate reel they put in their

briefcase they handed major Mansmann

back the rest of the film and said here

I don’t need to remind you major

Mansmann of the severity of a security

breach will consider this incident

closed but who do you tell that you were

involved in a UFO incident without them

looking at you like you you ain’t

wrapped too tight

out of all the evidence for the

existence of UFOs one extraordinary

phenomenon continues to astonish and

inspire me the appearance throughout the

world of so-called crop circles these

elaborate designs appear mysteriously

swirled into crops of grain in such a

way that the stalks are bent over yet

remain alive more than 5000 of these

patterns have appeared in over 30

countries most of them in England the

media has led many people including me

at first to write these crop patterns

off as hoaxes the nighttime work of a

few pranksters of course there have been

faked versions but those made by human

hands are crude compared to the vast

majority of these elegant creations

could hoaxers have created all 5000 of

these patterns could a few people with

ropes and boards have created something

as complex and beautiful as this one

made in the dead of night in a driving

rain and leaving no footprints in the

soil the electromagnetic field over the

area where the crops been laid down to

create the image is often

electrostatically charged

some of these areas are littered with

strange magnetic particles one of the

most amazing crop designs is not a

circle but a rectangle that seems to be

a direct response to a message sent out

into space in 1974 the message was a

radio signal depicting our planet’s

location in our solar system and Earth’s

people in hopes that it might be

received and interpreted by an

extraterrestrial intelligence 27 years

later in 2001 this crop design appeared

in England along with what could be a

self-portrait of the sender this message

matches the format of the NASA signal

and describes a different solar system

from ours a picture of the sender

non-human DNA and a microwave antenna

they apparently used to communicate

rather than the radio antenna that we

use the antennas symbol had appeared a

year earlier in exactly the same field

right next to a working radio wave

antenna like the one NASA used to send

out the original signal

NASA continues to officially deny

extraterrestrial contact of any kind and

yet year after year these spectacular

creations appear

so what might these remarkable designs

mean here are some two-dimensional

versions that seem to be revealing the

torus in 3d

and here is the vector equilibrium

and the related pattern of 64 that we

saw encoded in the arts of so many

ancient cultures

when I saw the coherence between the

crop circles and the ancient in coatings

I thought regardless of whoever created

them and wherever they’re from there

must be an important purpose to these

designs they’re so coherent I’ve come to

believe that the pattern of the torus

and the vector equilibrium especially in

the form of the 64 tetrahedron crystal

is showing us how energy works in the

universe so that we can learn to align

with it I believe that they’re giving us

a model for accessing energy in a clean

safe and limitless way and a new means

of propulsion what more important

message could there be to get to us and

especially now from their perspective as

we’re beginning to extend our careless

reach beyond our planet I got further

confirmation of this notion when I met

dr. Jack kasher a former professor of

physics at the University of Nebraska

who was also researched UFO phenomena

presenting at a Sequoia symposium dr.

Kasia showed a remarkable series of

drawings by a woman named Lane Andrews

who claimed to have been invited onto an

extraterrestrial spacecraft I was

startled to see her detailed sketches of

the toroidal energy field that she said

propelled the vehicle and protected the


I subsequently interviewed james


James has many hours of UFO footage from

his ranch near Mount Adams in Washington

State he also claimed to have gone on

board an alien spacecraft what blew my

mind was that he had never met Lane

Andrews and had no knowledge of her

experience yet he described a phenomenon

that was amazingly similar numerous

ships with spinning rings of light could

it simply be coincidental that James and

Lane described the same Taurus dynamic

and that both of these people have been

harassed extensively by government and

military agencies to some the idea of

UFOs may sound crazy and yet from

another perspective it is completely

plausible the earth is about four and a

half billion years old that’s 4,500

million years old what if there’s

another planet that’s almost exactly

like us almost exactly 4,500 and 1

million years old there are a million

years ahead of us and on a galactic

scale they’re almost our twin brothers

so where are we going to be in a million

years we’ll have solved all these

problems and there’s another way whether

it’s wormholes or warping space

there’s got to be a way to generate

energy so that you can pull it out of

the vacuum and the fact that they’re

here shows us that they’ve found a way

this is a major shock to the human

system that is in process understand why

people in our generation people who

aspire to positions of political

leadership etc never dare go near that

question because it’s a worldview

challenge as a fundamental worldview

challenge so here we are a relatively

immature species struggling with

possible self-destruction

if aligning with the torus does hold the

key to a new form of clean safe energy

access imagine the implications this

could be the most important technology

breakthrough of our times

so who wouldn’t want to have an energy

source that’s unlimited and freely

available that turned out to be a key

question and that’s what led me down the

next rabbit hole

it turns out that scientists as far back

as the early 1900’s have been developing

alternative ways to access electricity

without combustion Nikola Tesla believed

he had tapped into what he called

radiant energy

many scientists believe he was accessing

what’s now called free energy but before

Tesla could finished the project his

financier banker JP Morgan who had a

monopoly on the copper used for

electrical lines recognized how Tesla’s

invention could transmit electricity

without wires he then shut down

Tesla’s funding Tesla’s lab was burned

down and he was ostracized all for

trying to implement his vision of

unlimited energy for everyone a

modern-day inventor Adam Trombly was

inspired by Tesla’s work and by the

possibilities of the torus

Trombley built a dynamo a direct current

generator that accessed electrical power

right out of the air we were trying to

demonstrate that by mimicking the

magnetic field of a planet and rotating

this device we could actually create a

dynamo that would work and in fact it

did work and it does work so when we

contemplate nature when contemplate

Jupiter or we kind of played a dynamo

like the earth rotating in space we’re

basically talking about a magnet which

is rotating in space and the lines of

flux of the magnet are pouring down and

through in this toroidal pattern of the

magnetic field it’s also expanding

contracting it’s breathing it’s taking

in the energy of space literally and

transforming it right here in this

toroid we have enough energy to

transform the entire earth and that’s

not just a theoretical statement it’s

literally true

it says contemplate the implications of

this means that every single place on

earth suddenly has power every single

person on earth suddenly has power we

have Universal abundance

Trombley had been invited to demonstrate

one of his generators at the United

Nations and the US Senate

but these events were undermined by the

first Bush administration then the

device itself was taken in a government

raid trombley’s experience isn’t unique

almost every time I found an inventor

with a promising new technology in the

field of free energy he told a similar

story of suppression inventor John

Bedini began working with Tesla’s

theories of radiant energy decades ago

and has produced an assortment of

battery charging devices that generate

more energy than it takes to run them he

announced that he was going to start

offering them at low cost soon after

that he was attacked in his lab and

warned not to produce the devices for

his own safety he had to let go of

marketing free energy these are all

devices from labs I personally visited


now the quality of this footage is

obviously poor and I’m not expecting

this to convince you my point is that

being there with these inventors

accompanied by experts and seeing these

new energy devices in operation

convinced me that the technology is real

and the implications of that to me are

absolutely thrilling Canadian John

Hutchison not only created some free

energy batteries but also used Tesla’s

theories to counter gravity to make

objects float this could revolutionize

the field of propulsion his lab was

raided and equipment was taken by police

and government officials in 1978 1989

and again in 2000 one of the scientists

we were going to interview for this film

was dr. Eugene mallove an engineer from

MIT and Harvard an editor of infinite

energy magazine which covers both

theoretical and technological

developments in the new energy field

dr. Malak was mysteriously beaten to

death in 2004

if these inventors were all hoaxers and


I wondered why are they being suppressed

so consistently and so brutally

I asked free-energy inventor Adam

Trombly why he thought this technology

was being suppressed and if the UFO

phenomenon was related we’ve had major

military people at great risk to

themselves say yes these things are real

why do you think the military-industrial

complex doesn’t want that statement to

be made because you start thinking about

what kind of technology is behind that

that’s the bottom line

the suppression of UFO phenomena is hand

in hand with the suppression of

so-called free energy the energy is

extracted from the fabric of the space

around us which means it cannot be

metered that is a direct threat to the

single largest industry in the world

energy it’s goodbye

ExxonMobil goodbye oil goodbye coal

goodbye linear transmission of

electricity to power lines all that gone

unfortunately it’s someone’s 200

trillion dollar piggy bank the proven

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