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on their beliefs that there’s not enough

to go around that some people are more

deserving than others and that their own

safety depends on maintaining absolute

control over the rest of us in short

their worldview is based on scarcity and

fear but as powerful as they are the

architects of the New World Order cannot

create their dreadful vision without our

collusion to stop them to render their

agenda obsolete we have to wake up we

have to take action this is like the

last effort of a particular phase of

civilization it’s its last gasp really

and now you often use the metaphor of

the caterpillar becoming the butterfly

because the caterpillar crunches its way

through the ecosystem it’s very

destructive it eats 300 times its weight

in a day until it’s so bloated that it

hangs itself up and goes to sleep and

its skin turns into a hardened chrysalis

and then in its body you get these

imaginal cells biologists actually call

them that forming within the

caterpillars body the caterpillars body

then actually becomes a nutritive soup

for those cells but what’s important

about that metaphor is that the old and

the new coexist for a while and it’s the

job of the caterpillar to preserve its

life it’s a desperate government that we

have now trying to control oil in the

Middle East and wanting now to promote

nuclear energy and all these things that

they know better but they have to play

out the role of protecting themselves

it’s their job and if you love

butterflies you don’t go around stepping

on caterpillars so we can’t hate them it

doesn’t do any good but if you want

alternative energy you don’t ask an oil


administration to produce it for you we

have to produce it we imaginal cells

have to show that it’s cheaper more

efficient and and more effective our job

is to build a new world if we had the

vision and a worldview that says our

crisis is at birth and everybody’s

needed and everybody will have more of

what they truly want you could turn this

desperate world into a Renaissance of

human creativity and love

it may seem that the controlling elite

has all the cards but we have many

advantages of our own first let’s talk


very few people are consciously

perpetrating the domination agenda

most of those helping to implement the

plan don’t understand the full picture

of what they are part of by my

calculations we outnumber the actual

architects of the plan by more than a

million to one in the US alone

entrepreneur and environmentalist Paul

Hawken estimates that they’re now well

over 1 million organizations in the

world that work towards social and

environmental justice comprising the

largest social movement in the history

of humankind

this movement when connected

electronically could become a network of

networks that will be the most powerful

activist force for change ever if you

look at the people who are involved with

restoring the service and stopping the

damage and resisting the depredation and

nurturing change and reimagining what it

means to be a human being and you’re not

mistake then you might want to get your

heart checked you know because there is

an extraordinary beautiful gorgeous

fierce group of people in this world who

are taking us on the second important

advantage for us is that all the power

centers that the elite control require

our participation if enough of us

withdraw our support their plan can’t

work this is true of the central bank’s

the military the corporate media the

government and more and following the

models of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin

Luther King jr. we have the power of

non-violent non participation it takes

tremendous energy resources and

deception to try to dominate the lives

of others in moving toward freedom on

the other hand we have on our side the

evolutionary life force and what Gandhi

called such agraja

the simple power of truth in Indian

thousands of villages which are now

freedom zones so we will not accept

patenting we will not cooperate with it

just like Gandhi did not cooperate with

saltos we will not allow chemicals and

genetically engineered crops to enter I

ecosystems because they threaten this

biodiversity and this freedom movement

which is a freedom movement for all

species not just for individual humans

is something that’s growing so fast and

is reflected in the movement for GMO

free zones in Europe I turn my back and

there’s another thousand GMO free zones

90% of Italy 90% of Austria the freedom

zones around the seed around food are

creating massive shifts in Bolivia a

grassroots movement took to the streets

relentlessly banging pots and pans and

eventually stop the foreign corporate

takeover of their water resources though

very little as shown by the corporate

media there are countless success

stories going on every day all over the


I wasn’t willing to make this film until

I knew there were responses that are a

match for the crisis and now the power

of the internet enables us to share the

breadth and the depth of this research

we’ve spent years creating a vast

website thrive movement calm that brings

it all together and makes the

information and what we can do about it

accessible to everyone here you have

your very own navigator module to go

deeper into the main subjects covered in

the film’s code problems and solutions

you can study strategies and tactics and

connect with others to take

high-leverage actions every fact stated

in this film has been independently

verified and the reference is on our


this sector navigator facilitates whole

systems thinking that recognizes that

actions in one area impact all the

others the center of the sector

Navigator is world view because it

determines how we experience everything

that happens within and around us in

every sector you’ll find critical issues

resources group strategies and

individual actions to peacefully and

productively effect real change our

resource tree will link you to the

people organizations and media that we

most recommend to help you get more

fully educated and engaged I was

encouraged to find that there are a

minimum number of actions which working

together can tip the scales it’s not

endless once we see the big picture

we’ll look at what each of us can do to

help accomplish it let’s take a look at

the strategic antidotes to their

economic domination we need to stop any

more bailouts of banks or corporations

dismantle the Federal Reserve withdraw

taxpayer support from central banking

agencies such as the IMF and World Bank

allow development of alternative

currencies and independent banks and

refuse international taxes my main

emphasis is on solutions in the US

because that’s what I know best but just

as the predicament is global so are the

principles on which the solution

strategies are based here are some

tactical actions that we can take as

individuals that don’t take much time or

money to make a real difference right


get informed speak up and connect with

others Bank locally when we move our

money out of the big centralized banks

and into locally owned banks and credit

unions we defund the problem and fund

the solution all in one move buy and

invest responsibly every dollar you

spend sends a message join the movement

to audit and end the Federal Reserve

it’s robbing us join a coalition to keep

the internet fair and open don’t let

anybody take control over it support

independent media get your information

from diverse sources and think about

who’s funding the news you get

support organic non-gmo farming

join movements to bring about honest

elections including traceable paper

ballots and campaign finance reform

Congress can only be accountable to us

when corporations stop funding them and

I think eight for renewable and new

energy technology bring the conversation

about free energy out into the open it

will transform the power dynamic on this

planet faster than anything in recorded


sign up for critical mass actions

strategy to leverage our power by

waiting until

agreed to participate before taking an

action imagine a million of us acting in


then again imagine even more

I’ve been inspired by how many grounded

solutions and real-life problem solvers

there actually are Aquila shrills is one

person whose work especially touched me

he helped broker a gang truce between

the Crips and bloods one of the things

that we discovered in the process of

waging peace in the neighborhood was

that conflict is healthy you know it’s

actual it’s unresolved conflict that

actually leads to violence when we first

launched a peace treaty we’ve had and we

had a lot of success in our first year

gang homicides dropped 44% in the

neighborhood based upon our actions

akela describes what happened when two

rival gang leaders finally met after the

truce the brother came up to him and

told him man look I know you got some

hard feelings for me you know maybe I

got some hard feelings for you he said

but because of this truce man he said

I’m willing to put all of that to the

side and and he stuck out his hand he

hugged him and he said he closed his

eyes because he was preparing for a you

know a sharp you know a knife to enter

his back he was waiting for that you

know for a bullet you know to be shot

into his stomach but he said after a few

moments you know he held that that that

embrace you know he realized that you

know that it was genuine I believe that

having a clear picture of our potential

is as important as uncovering what

stands in its way so I want to take you

to a possible world of the future it’s a

world the elite would have you believe

is an impossible pipe dream but I’m

convinced it’s a world that is utterly

within our grasp

we can create a world where people can

thrive where we can feel safe and secure

the air water and food are clean a world

where communities are capable of

producing their own energy and food and

trade is open and fair rather than

focusing on punishment instead justice

restores lives and losses insurance pays

doctors to keep people healthy education

is voluntary serving the needs of

individuals instead of corporations we

get honest feedback from independent

media there are no subsidies and no

bailouts imagine that with an honest

money system little or no taxes and low

electric and fuel bills you would have

the money to pay off your home and car

and be free to save and invest you would

enjoy more wealth freedom and security

all while working the same or probably

less let’s say I started a mutual fund

for my neighborhood and all the

neighbors had stock okay and and so they

healed the environment and their stock

went up in value so instead of getting

drained financially they’re making money

they’re making money from things that

make their kids safer and and prevent

the planet from dying so you kind of

have your cake and eat it too instead of

working all week to make money and then

coming home and trying to save the

planet on the weekends you can spend

Monday through Friday making money

saving the planet and then you know go

to the beach this vision of a thriving

world is based on what could be called

the Liberty perspective there is a

simple principle that underlies this

approach non-violation

nobody gets to violate you or your

property and you don’t get to violate

anyone else except in genuine

self-defense this is the one rule I’ve

found that every single person agrees

with at least for themselves

I believe that non-violation is the true

north of humanity’s moral compass and

our core navigating insight

this insight can guide us and protect

each and every individual as we set up

voluntary self-sustaining systems it is

a way of living that I can stand for

wholeheartedly and without reservation

I’ve been profoundly influenced by the

work of Austrian economist Ludwig von

Mises who developed a whole philosophy

and economic system based on the core

ethic of non-aggression motivated by

having witnessed the ravages of

communism and fascism in Europe he

committed his life to finding a just way

he recognized that those systems as well

as socialism and even democracy wrongly

assumed the rights of the collective or

the group to be more important than

those of the individual I had always

gone along with the view that more

people will thrive if we consider the

group’s needs above the individuals but

when I took a closer look I found it

doesn’t really work that way in the name

of what’s best for the group governments

have been responsible for most of the

war death and destruction on the planet

more than 200 million individuals were

killed in the 20th century alone

so how would applying the principle of

non-violation change this dynamic it

would take us from incremental change of

a fundamentally flawed system to a

complete transformation we’re not just

some or even the majority but everyone

could truly have the opportunity to

thrive in order to implement the

principle of non-violation it makes

sense to me - honestly re-examine our

past because it doesn’t work to try to

build a healthy living system on top of

an unhealthy one we have to go back to

the most fundamental acts of injustice

upon which the country was founded in

the seizure of the lands of the people

and the slaughter of their women and

children in the in the the rendering

destitute most of the remnants of these

people is such an agree that we believe

that we have to deal with that to come

to grips with that in a fundamental way

understanding that they’re not wrongs

that were done and completed a hundred

and fifty years ago their wrongs that

are continued every single day so you

have you know through the history of

North America in the United States over

500 treaties signed with indigenous

nations where every single one of them

now has been violated you have in fact a

tremendous amount of wealth having been

generated from indigenous peoples lands

and resources and billions of dollars

every year still being generated by

corporations and European nations based

on the continous exploitation of

indigenous peoples lands and resources

in we didn’t have large corporations if

we didn’t have Western governments

defining how you and I were to relate to

each other living here in North America

now together how would we relate to one

another how would we make it different

it’s going to take time and courageous

effort to shift the consciousness and

accomplish the tasks that will move us

toward the world I’m talking about and

yet I know of no greater gift that we

could give to future generations we

can’t do everything at once I envision

three overlapping stages

the solutions process in stage 1 we

bring as much integrity as possible to

our current systems if we cut the US

military budget in half it would still

roughly equal the defense spending of

the entire rest of the world between

that and getting rid of the federal

reserve over a trillion dollars a year

would be freed enough to feed everyone

on our planet deal with social issues

and heal our environment many people

believe the widespread starvation and

poverty are inevitable but compared to

war eliminating poverty and restoring

the environment are cheap

according to Lester Browns Earth Policy

Institute it would take under 200

billion dollars a year to restore the

Earth’s environment and meet global

social goals but this stage isn’t the

end goal of the Liberty perspective

while stage one has a lot of the

compassion typically associated with a

liberal Democrat agenda Stage two

reflects much of the wisdom of the

traditional conservative worldview in

stage two we shrink government’s role to

protect the individual liberty and

stewarding things we share in common

like ecosystems and the airwaves we use

to communicate

as the system gains integrity and remove

to sound currency people will have

enough money to have more control over

everything that affects them stage 3

grows out of the increasing freedom that

people gain in stages one and two as

they have more money and more time

there is no involuntary tax and

therefore no involuntary governance

there’s no monopoly on force

there are rules but no rulers rigorously

protecting individual rights turns out

to be key for honoring our

interdependence we can be distinct and

unified at the same time as utopian as

this can sound at first I’ve been

thrilled to see how much practical

thinking has been done to deal with

tough issues like health care crime and

education these three stages validate

the best of both the liberal and

conservative perspectives that have

divided us for so long and then

reconcile them at a new level around

non-violation a core ethic we all share

stage three honors human incentive and

finally includes the rights of not just

many not just most but everyone

the Taurus provides a template for a

society based on integrity and wholeness

it conserves what’s working it has

built-in feedback so it can self correct

and innovate to maintain balance we can

apply these and other features of the

torus dynamic to our human social

systems I truly believe that aligning

consciously with a fundamental life

energy pattern at every level physical

emotional mental interpersonal and

environmental is ultimately the art the

science and the celebration of love and

that’s what we’re here to learn the

fundamental insight of our

interconnectedness changed the way I

approach everything in my own life I

found a practical expression of this

philosophy in the modern nonviolent

martial art of Aikido it offers powerful

guidance on how to respond effectively

and non aggressively to the global

domination agenda morihei we issue both

its founder taught that to practice

Aikido one must mimic the movements of

atoms and galaxies just as free energy

technology blends with the toroidal

pattern to access unlimited power

Aikido the way of harmony blends with

the energy of an attacker

redirecting it to peaceful resolution

Gandhi and King applied these principles

of non aggressive power at the economic

and social levels if we respond with

violence to the domination agenda other

than in self-defense

it would only continue the old

us-versus-them paradigm and provide an

excuse for even more police state

measures I believe that it’s essential

both morally and strategically that we

take the path of non-aggression there is

another aspect of the torus that has

profound implications for how we can

respond to the challenges before us it

is the absolute stillness the zero point

that lies at the center of each toroidal

system I believe that you and I as well

as every other being are torus energy

fields centered by stillness and each

connected to one another into the

boundless consciousness of a living

universe as much as I benefit from the

experience of others as highlighted here

with the navigating insights and as

valuable as daily feedback is about

what’s really going on in the world as

we see with the vitals I’ve come to

recognize that our primary compass is

our own inner guidance

as we learn to quiet the noise and

amplify the inner signal we can better

hear the voice that naturally knows and

offers wise direction we have a an

entire inner life a vibrant and lively

inner life that is truly the Navigator

of the path that we take on the outside

if your inner life is the driver of how

you show up in the world it makes sense

that if you want to have anything to do

with where you’re going that you have to

be in relationship to that inner life

you have to be in relationship to the

driver as we develop increased

relationship to who’s in the driver’s

seat what happens is that there is a

synergy it’s a symbiotic relationship

that our inner lives are actually able

to be more in tandem with where we’re

choosing to go and we’re able to get

there we’re not nearly as insignificant

in our impact as we think we are in

order to heal the world we have to start

telling a different story to ourselves

we have to start engaging in a different

story with others it’s a collective

story that manifests as the world

humanity is now in a very interesting

evolutionary phase in which we move from

hostile aggressive competition which is

the nature of young species into a more

mature mode of cooperation collaboration

there’s no question in this country that

money that capital is being increasingly

concentrated in the hands of a few and

those who are so powerful are

concentrating it further but there is a

force that’s more powerful and that’s

the power of the people when we look at

the crises now it is so easy to fall out

of love with low

it is so easy to get pessimistic and

desperate but from my perspective the

crisis has matured to the point of being

on the threshold of mass awakening and

that that feeling inside me gives me the

vitality to know that you know how

matter how small what I’m doing looks to

me in the face of these huge problems

that the impulse of evolution is not

small and when it’s in everybody who’s

waking up and gets cute and as more and

more of us are waking up blinking up and

daring to speak up the scheme for global

domination is being exposed and we’re

discovering solutions that can create

the world we yearn for and deserve again

and again throughout history when people

have recognized tyranny rearing as cruel

head they’ve come together and stood up

for liberty

I am confident humankind will look back

on this period and be proud that when we

saw we acted thank you for coming on

this journey with us I’m convinced we

have what it takes to thrive let’s make

it happen

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