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is the proper relationship what should

be the proper relationship between the

chairman of the Fed and a President of

the United States well first of all the

Federal Reserve

independent agency and that means

basically that there is no eight other

agency of government which can overrule

actions that we take we have a private

bank two prints money on behalf of the

Treasury the Federal Reserve prints

money on a debt based system which

created scarcity but it puts a group of

insiders in a position of having access

to all the data about the economy when

we don’t so you have a small group of

bankers who understand the data on how

the money works in the economy and it

gives them the ability to print money in

a way that the insiders are protected

and everybody else is drained Kathryn

went on to compare a healthy economy to

a vibrant tauros balance freely flowing

and energized throughout in contrast to

what’s happening in our current economy

what what you have is is a system that’s

very dynamic and it’s trying to optimize

but but intertwined in the core of it

you have a tapeworm the way a tapeworm

works in your body is it injects a

chemical into your body


you crave what’s good for the tapeworm

and bad for you you have a parasite

that’s it’s very much manipulating and

engorging itself at the expense of the

home we live in a tapeworm economy where

the financial elite are the tapeworm and

they’re feeding on us and they don’t

like it when people blow their cover

after Katherine began exposing

government corruption at the highest

levels the FBI raided her company and

seized its assets she was dragged

through the courts for 10 years before

being found innocent so we’ve got the

Federal Reserve a privately owned

corporation with a monopoly on creating

money but with no accountability backed

up by a government with a monopoly on

force the country got sold on the Fed as

an institution that would help stabilize

the economy and remain independent of

politics but in fact in close to a

century of existence the Federal Reserve

has done just the opposite since they

took charge we’ve been robbed through

inflation and the purchasing power of

the dollar has declined more than 96%

and the wealth gap makes it clear most

of the money is going to a very few only

16 years after the Federal Reserve was

in power America experienced the Great

Depression my research revealed that

before the big crash in 1929 the elite

bankers pulled their money out of the

stock market after the crash they used

that money to buy up cheap stocks in

smaller failing banks for pennies on the


among the bankers who consolidated their

wealth this way were the Rothschilds

Rockefellers and Morgan’s a similar

scenario played out in the 2008

financial collapse with the same bankers

benefiting in the years leading up to

the collapse the biggest banks including

Bank of America Citigroup and Chase

controlled by the Rothschilds

Rockefellers and Morgan’s were bundling

and trading bad loans that they knew

would eventually fail

it’s like putting rotten oranges in a

box and selling them as grade triple-a

the bundlers of the debt knew it was

only a matter of time before someone

would open that box and see that the

content was worthless since they were

the ones who packed the boxes in the

first place when the rotten oranges what

we hear about is unsound loans

derivatives and credit default swaps

were finally discovered everyone was

impacted people lost their homes their

jobs their businesses and their

retirements meanwhile the biggest banks

who created the problem in the first


were the ones who got bailed out why is

that why would the Federal Reserve give

trillions to the banks even though the

majority of Americans were against

bailing them out and why not help those

most in need rather than the

perpetrators of the financial collapse

my research led me to believe that the

same people who created the Federal

Reserve the Rothschilds the Rockefellers

and the Morgans still control it and

they use this scheme to bail themselves

out at our expense I’m convinced that

the near collapse of the economy in 2008

resulted from an orchestrated pump and

dump scheme designed and executed by the

big bankers to consolidate wealth and

power David Icke explains how he sees

the Federal Reserve rigging the

so-called business cycles stage 1 it’s

like throwing a fishing line out stage 1

you put lots of money units of exchange

into circulation you do this by pushing

interest rates down by making lots of

loans this is the part of the cycle we

call a boom

because there’s lots of units of

exchange in circulation there’s lots of

money changing hands that generates lots

of economic activity that generates jobs

and as more and more money is spent

there’s more demand so companies take

out more loans and fresh air money to

increase their production people get

confident in their everyday lives hey

you know I’m work for this company if

they’ve got lots of orders it’s really

going great at my job safe I tell you

what we can have a bigger house then

they start to change it what they do is

they pull the fishing line in they push

interest rates up now fewer people a are

taking out loans and they make the

criteria for having a loan from the bank

stronger anyway and also now as interest

rates have gone up a larger part of

people’s income is going to pay back the

extra interest and not being circulated

in buying things suddenly there’s

nothing like as much money in

circulation and therefore fewer things

are being bought companies start to go

down in terms of their profits they

start to shed jobs and they start to go

out of business people lose their jobs

they can’t pay the mortgage any more of

the big house they took out in the good

times now what the banks are doing is

starting to reel the fishing line in

because as they go bankrupt companies

and individuals the banks get the real

wealth the property the land the

resources that they had signed to them

for lending nearly figures on the screen

now this economic cycle of fishing line

out fishing line back lots of units in

circulation pull them in has been going

on for centuries and what it’s done

it’s stolen and accumulated the real

wealth of the world in the hands of the

few at the international level central

bankers used the World Bank and the

International Monetary Fund to make more

money while exploiting the resources of

countries they lend to bankrupting them

in the process the central bank of

central bank’s is the Rothschild created

Bank for International Settlements

the elite are positioning themselves to

control access to virtually everything

we need to survive no matter where you

go in the world the money is controlled

by the banking system they decide if

people eat or if they don’t eat who’s a

billionaire and who lives on less than a

dollar a day

pee-yew controls the money controls the

world and are very few control the money

at this point my view of the world had

been turned upside down I was struggling

with the realization that the failure

and suffering of so many is actually

success and fulfillment for a few the

elite central bankers who fooled the

world into letting them create money

they already have vast fortunes so what

is their endgame what is their ultimate


I kept running across compelling

evidence and credible experts saying

that the secret agenda of the banking

elite is nothing less than total global


at first I resisted the idea but I was

committed to finding out what was

keeping us from thriving no matter where

it might lead one night I woke up at

3:00 a.m. with the burning question if

this small group wanted to dominate the

entire world what would they need to

control to accomplish it I jumped out of

bed and started making a list

first and foremost they’d have to

control money and they do controlling

money allows them to run everything else

they need to control energy and they do

they already control big agriculture and

world trade they’re buying up water

supplies worldwide they’ve got health in

their pocket and they’re trying to

suppress natural alternatives mainly

they’d have to control what information

we’d get and how we’d react to it

in America the Internet our greatest

tool for communication and grassroots

organizing is currently not controlled

or censored but it’s open status is

being attacked from all sides

governments corporations and the United

Nations are all attempting to take

control for complete domination dissent

has to be controlled they need to take

away our rights spy on ordinary citizens

and track every aspect of our lives as

the day dawned I knew that a powerful

elite had almost everything set up to

rule the world and I had the frightening

realization that big brother is not just

coming he’s here now we are already in

the matrix so how do we get out to

envision that I realized I needed to

discover what their ruling structure

looks like and how it works a relatively

small group of families especially the

Rothschilds Rockefellers Morgan’s and

Carnegie’s along with the Harriman’s the

shifts and the Warburg’s

have been leading the controlling elite

in the West for generations I’m not

implying that every individual in these

families is aware of or active in the

global domination agenda however I’m

convinced the heads of these dynasties

control the corporate and banking

interests to carry out the sinister

scheme that is destroying so many lives

those secretly driving the agenda have

been known by many names leaked reports

confirm that they meet throughout the

world behind closed doors to discuss

their agenda then like clockwork their

plans begin to show up in the media

finance corporate government and

military arenas of course not everyone

involved in these groups is in on the

decision-making there is a hierarchy of

knowledge and participation

one of the primary symbols of the

controlling elite is the all-seeing eye

it’s on the dollar bill it’s on the

American mass surveillance system

initially called Total Information

Awareness it’s on the British

intelligence agency mi5 and it even

oversees the Supreme Court complex in

Israel designed and funded entirely by

the Rothschilds I believe they’ve taken

the majestic image of the Cheops pyramid

and it’s legendary metallic capstone and

perverted the meaning to represent those

at the top being able to track and

control all those under them one of the

painful ways this information has been

used is by people who want to promote

anti-semitism they wrongly call this a

Jewish agenda and continue the ongoing

racism that undermines and destroys so

many lives let me be clear this is

definitely not a Jewish agenda it’s been

documented that central bankers even

funded both sides of World War two as

well as some of the Corporations

associated with Hitler’s atrocities

against the Jews since these people have

more money than their families would

need for generations and since they have

the power to create money

I don’t believe wealth is their end goal

after you have all the material things

that you could possibly want in life

what is left to excite you and for many

people the answer is power global power

they became intellectually elite they

began to think that they had a plan that

was better than anybody else’s plan they

got the idea that freedom is dangerous

if you give people freedom you know what

they’re probably not going to use it

wisely like we think they should we are

smarter than they are and for their own

good we should rule them as I came to

accept the idea of a ruling elite

planning for total global domination I

began to hear these same people actually

talking more boldly and publicly about

it only they call it the New World Order

when we are successful and we will be we

have a real chance at this new world

order it is a new world order was

significantly different and radically

new challenges maneuver the order can be

created it’s a great opportunity

given the condition of our world a new

world order can sound like a great idea

but I had to distinguish between what I

was discovering about global domination

a one-world government run by an elite

few and the reality of our global

interconnectedness which is the

realization that at a fundamental and

even spiritual level we are not separate

we are all connected but the agenda for

global domination is really the exact


it’s a divide and conquer strategy to

keep us all pitted against each other

thinking that it’s the Democrats or

Republicans the liberals or

conservatives who are the problem when

both parties are ultimately serving the

same plan

I believe we’re heading toward a

totalitarian world Authority actually a

military dictatorship run by a tiny

elite who have all the power and make

all the rules

if they succeed there’ll be nowhere to


we’re too high think about it the whole

notion of conspiracy has been so

ridiculed that it’s socially challenging

just to consider it and there’s always a

reasonable sounding story to explain any

one incident on its own I personally

used to try to justify how the same

people consistently ended up with more

money and more control by thinking they

must just be taking advantage of the

situation but not actually causing it

but after nearly a decade of putting the

issues and the evidence together I am

convinced it is not random and that a

few very powerful banking elite families

and their political and corporate

partners do have an agenda to dominate

and control the rest of us once I got

the reality and the scope of the agenda

I really had to think how much do I want

to know about this do I want to focus on

the worst of what human beings are

capable of I decided it is worth knowing

who these people are and how their

organizations operate because on the

other side of the rage and the sadness

our clarity and strength the power we

have to focus our efforts effectively

now that we understand what’s really

going on

the greatest prison that people live in

is the fear of what other people think

what happened to me as a result of all

the ridicule I went through is that I

stepped out of the fear of what other

people thought and it’s only when you do

it that you realize what a prison you

lived in before and what it gave me was

a personal understanding of how easy it

is for a few to control the many all you

have to do is dictate the norms in

society what is considered right and

wrong moral and near moral good and

bad sane and insane possible and

impossible and you build what I call a

hassle-free zone and if you live your

life within that zone of perception

belief and what you say and think then

people will leave you alone because

you’re normal

once you step out of that pen and you

start to express your uniqueness what

the Illuminati have created is a whole

human population of prison waters who

are jumping on those that are stepping

out of the norm and and it’s interesting

when you get to the edge of that

hassle-free zoning what you say and you

think you’re not thinking if I do what

about the head of the World Bank what

are you going to say if I do this no

we’re saying what we mother think what

about the guys down the bar and the

people at work what will they say and

what what the Illuminati have done by

creating the norms they have created a

absolute army of people to impose those

norms on each other their grand strategy

for global dominance is already being

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