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is already being


they are carving up the world into super

States the transcend national boundaries

so that we are easier for them to manage

they have already established the

European Union and the African Union

politicians from the United States

Canada and Mexico under the title of the

Security and Prosperity Partnership have

been working on the northern part of

what could arguably be called plans for

an American Union this has been going on

for years without citizen or

congressional consent a pacific union is

already in process

this is the organizational chart for

global tyranny the structure for

complete control here are two of the

most powerful men in Europe talking

about moving to a single world

government it is extremely important

that we in this new ownership of global

governments have particularly on both

sides of the Atlantic

the implementation of the same rules in

the same fashion 2009 is also the first

year of global governance with the

establishment of the g20 in the middle

of the financial crisis on the

international level the central banking

elite have put huge organizations in

place to implement their policies

including the World Trade Organization

the World Health Organization the World

Bank and the International Monetary Fund

John Perkins is a man who knows from

decades of his own experience as a

so-called economic hitman how the

collusion of banks corporations and

governments has taken over countries

around the world we used many techniques

that probably the most common is that

we’ll go to a country that has resources

that our corporations covet like oil and

we’ll arrange a huge loan to that

country from an organization like the

World Bank or one of its sisters but

almost all of the money goes to US

corporations not to the country itself

corporations like Bechtel and

Halliburton General Motors General

Electric these types of organizations

and they build huge infrastructure

projects in that country power plants

highways ports industrial parks things

that serve the very rich and seldom even

reach the poor in fact the poor suffer

because the loans have to be repaid and

their huge loans and the repayment of

the means that the poor won’t get

education health and other social

services and the country is left holding

a huge debt by intention we go back we

economic hitmen to this country and say

look you owe us a lot of money you can’t

repay our debts so give us a pound of

flesh as soon as one of these

anti-american presidents

is elected one of us goes in and says

hey congratulations mr. president

now that you’re president I just want to

tell you that I can make you very very

rich you and your family it’s several

hundred million dollars in this pocket

if you play the game our way if you

decide not to Hoover in this pocket I’ve

got a gun with a bullet with your name

on it in case you decide to keep your

campaign promises and throw us out sell

our oil companies your oil real cheap or

vote with us at the next UN vote or send

troops in support of ours to someplace

in the world such as Iraq and in that

way we’ve managed to build a world

empire with very few people actually

knowing that we’ve done this like many

people I fought a conspiracy for global

domination could not really work because

basically people are just not that

competent I thought there’s no way they

could pull off such a scheme at the

necessary level of control and secrecy

one of the false hopes is this is all

happening because government is

incompetent and it’s a giant mistake and

people really don’t know and of course

that’s great air cover for the fact that

the system really does know where it’s

going and it’s going where it wants to

go and it’s being successful at it still

I wondered how could something that is

so big and corrupt be kept secret it’s a

simple structure and if it wasn’t simple

it wouldn’t work and it can be likened

to a compartmentalized pyramid if you

look at any organization today don’t

matter whether it’s a transnational

corporation the University a government

secret society they’re all structured as

a pyramid and as the CIA and other

intelligence agencies talk about they

have this need-to-know system only let

people know as much as they need to make

their contribution and know more so you

take a bank an individual bank not the

research thing at the bottom you’ve got

the people you see when you pass your

cheque over the counter in the bank now

they don’t know

what the bank manage behind them knows

and is discussing they only know what

they need to know to do their job the

bank manager in the office behind them

he doesn’t know or she doesn’t know

what’s happening at the next level and

they don’t know what’s happening the

next level and eventually you’ve got a

tiny few people at the peak of the

pyramid of that banking structure

they’re the only ones that know what the

real agenda of the bank is and what the

direction is that they’re going and why

this kind of compartmentalization

explains how the Manhattan Project which

developed the atom bomb in world war two

was kept secret despite having a hundred

and thirty thousand people working on it

when I first lied in the scale and the

intentions of the agenda I felt like I

had the flu for about two weeks but then

it dawned on me here was this

well-planned well-orchestrated attempt

to squelch human potential and still our

brilliance shines through even though

we’ve been systematically distracted and

repressed people have come up with

innovative ingenious solutions to a huge

number of the problems that we face it’s

not our fault that we didn’t recognize

how organized and intentional this

scheme is it’s our challenge

I looked at the kind of world the

controlling elite have already given us

and I had to ask what kind of world

would we be living in if they had

absolute and complete domination over

everyone everywhere in this new world

order of there’s a tiny number of people

would exercise total control over the

lives of everyone through a system of

intrusive surveillance violent

suppression of dissent and debt slavery

imagine tiny islands of opulence

surrounded by a sea of misery where the

mission of the military is to protect

the haves from the have-nots I’ve come

to believe that their end game is truly

ominous and that they will stop at

nothing to continue implementing their

plan as difficult as it may be for

Americans to accept I’m now convinced

the agenda of the global elite includes

destroying the financial strength and

sovereignty of the United States with

its history of free speech and armed

revolt America represents the major

hurdle to global consolidation of power

if they can succeed in bringing down

this country I believe the international

elite intend to transfer the power and

productivity of Americans to their one

world dictatorship gradually taking over

our lives and what David Icke calls the

totalitarian tiptoe think about it

they’ve got us so deep in debt we can

never repay it they’re collapsing the

dollar and they’re attempting to replace

it with a global IMF currency this press

for a global cashless electronic

currency would enable a central

authority to financially disable any

individual or group in an instant now

for the first time in history

international taxes are being proposed

under the pretense of addressing climate


like a Trojan horse the suggested treaty

unveiled at the 2009 Copenhagen climate

conference appeal to our concern for the

environment while distracting us from

the fact that this unprecedented carbon

tax would be paid to the World Bank and

enforced by global police there are ways

to address our obvious need to curtail

pollution without creating a tax base

for tyranny you want to change society

in a way that you know that if you do it

openly you know you’re going to get an

adverse reaction so you don’t do it

openly you play problem reaction

solution stage one you create a problem

it could be a terrorist bomb it could be

a 9/11 it could be a running a currency

it could be a stock market collapse and

government collapse you tell the people

your version of a who did it and be why

and at this point problem reaction

solution would fall down if we had a

media that was in any way related to


instead the mainstream media is a public

relations office for the official

version of events

turns out President George W Bush was

right about Saddam Hussein hiding

weapons of mass destruction the

virtually only way or source of

information that the public have about

this event is from the mainstream media

and what they’re looking at stage to a

problem reaction solution is the

reaction of outrage of key key key fear

and they want the public to say to the

government something must be done this

can’t go on what are you gonna do about

it and this allows stage three which is

those who created the problem glean that

public reaction with a false story to

then openly offer the solutions to the

problems they have themselves created

the idea of using tragedy manufactured

or simply utilized was deeply

significant in my finally understanding

how far these people will go to achieve

their goals it’s a documented fact that

we entered the Vietnam War under false

pretenses former Secretary of Defense

Robert McNamara has acknowledged that

the attack on a ship in the Gulf Tonkin

didn’t actually take place our judgment

but we’ve been a tag that day was wrong

more recently former President Bush used

non-existent weapons of mass destruction

as a pretext for invading Iraq tactics

like this are sometimes referred to as

false flag operations an increasing

number of people believe that 9/11 was a

false flag operation by the global elite

in order to set the stage for taking

over Middle East oil and dismantling US

constitutional protections people under


there is



most of what’s needed for a police state

is actually already in place right now

in America

any of us can be in prison without

warning or do cause and we can be

kidnapped tortured and assassinated

legally if the government decides what

we are doing is a threat to their plan

all they have to do is name us as a

suspect in their so-called war on terror

were being watched more and more in 2010

there were 30 million surveillance

cameras recording us in the US alone

when we demonstrate we’re now relegated

to what are you familiar each cells

zones for free speech every phone call

and email we send is collected and

archived and can be inspected at any

time our driver’s licenses and passports

have computer chips implanted in them to

track our every move and now hospital

patients are getting these same chips

implanted under their skin in fact it

was Procter & Gamble who developed these

chips initially for tracking their

products it’s always offered as a way to

help but even an assistant director of

Central Intelligence has admitted it’s

an entry point to getting all of us

shipped for better tracking and control

these would be controllers through the

US Space Command have outlined a plan

called full-spectrum dominance

sophisticated satellite surveillance as

well as directed energy and laser

weapons which are already developed have

the ability to target dissenters

anywhere on earth I believe they are

also trying to ensure they can deal

effectively with any resistance

fimA containment camps and railroad cars

with shackles have been recently

constructed or refurbished all over the

United States for use in what officials

call times of pandemic or civil unrest

there’s one more brutal realization

about the global domination agenda that

I need to share this was a horrible one

for me to grasp but without it this

inquiry would be dangerously incomplete

and our solution strategies would be in

adequately informed in my research I

came across convincing evidence that

their plan actually includes the

elimination of the majority of the

world’s population as sick as it sounds

it makes sense that they would be better

positioned to succeed in their quest for

absolute control if there are fewer of

us to manage every time I thought they

wouldn’t do that I discovered I was


I found startling documentation that

eugenics is one of the core pillars of

their plan eugenics is the practice

where some people get to decide who’s

worthy to breed and who’s not

sterilization is one of the many

insidious ways this covert plan is being

implemented in 1904 the Carnegie’s

funded the first eugenics Laboratory in

Cold Spring Harbor Long Island the

Rockefellers funded involuntary

sterilization of people of color through

their eugenics programs and funded the

Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany to

further the racial supremacy agenda

later adopted by Hitler in 2007 the US

Department of Agriculture and Homeland

Security funded a proposed project to

aerial spray over seven million people

in urban areas of Northern California

after citizens organized against the

plan officials were forced to reveal

that the spray included multiple toxins

that can cause disease and disrupt the

reproductive cycle

fortunately civil resistance stopped the

project the US government has been

caught over 30 times covertly

experimenting with toxic chemicals on

its own citizens from soldiers prisoners

and Native American reservations to

entire towns and counties mask overt

sterilization of women and girls usually

using secret additives to vaccines has

been exposed in Brazil Puerto Rico

Nicaragua Mexico and the Philippines

these have been under the auspices of

such programs as john d rockefeller

population council the u.s. department

of health education and welfare where

nelson rockefeller was under secretary

and the Rockefeller founded World Health

Organization Novartis and Syngenta in

cooperation with the US Department of

Agriculture and the Department of

Defense have field tested a spermicidal

strain of GMO corn that would render

male consumers infertile this was

quietly announced as a contribution to

the world overpopulation problem the

list goes on and on right now global

human fertility is plunging I’m

convinced that this is no accident for

me being willing to consider and

research a direct depopulation agenda

was critical to my getting the whole

picture and to generating responses that

could be sufficient to the task we face

I know this may sound crazy but imagine

that it’s 1932 and were in Germany if I

told you that in the next decade

millions of people would be exterminated

he would say impossible no one would do

such a thing

this is what depopulation looks like

today I’m convinced that I’m not

overstating the case could I be wrong

perhaps but what if I’m not we are at a

critical fork in the road in human

evolution one road is leading toward

tyranny and possible self-destruction

the other would lead us to a peaceful

healthy civilization based on honouring

the rights and freedom of every single

person on the planet

to set off in this new direction it’s up

to you and me to clear that road the

time has come to say enough there is

another way I believe that together we

have the knowledge the resources and the

solutions to meet that challenge

I see this process as nothing less than

a struggle for the soul of humanity it

begins with a shift in worldview

answering the question who are we really

what is human nature are we humans what

the elite would have us believe stupid

greedy creatures who have left to our

own devices would devolve into violence

and chaos and so for our own good must

be ruled over by a self-appointed elite

or are we naturally caring and creative

I believe when people are healthy and

have what we need to survive we can

create a world based on integrity

freedom and compassion

a world where everyone can thrive which

of these two views will shape our future

that’s our choice now

the agenda of the ruling elite is the

product of a destructive worldview based

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