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trillion dollar piggy bank the proven

oil and gas and coal reserves are worth

north of 200 trillion dollars this

information coming out would completely

change geopolitical power more than

anything since a well in recorded human

history and it would happen in a

generation I started to examine the

breakthrough solutions and much to my

surprise these concepts have been proven

in hundreds of laboratories throughout

the world and yet they have not really

seen the light of day rather than

smashing things together and trying to

control the explosion these new

technologies rely on the blending of

dancing with what naturally is the

common denominator of all the free

energy devices I’ve seen is that they

mimic in one way or another the torus

energy shape you don’t have to believe

in free energy technology to be

concerned about the repression of ideas

and inventions I found myself thinking

what better way to justify our

dependence on oil coal nuclear and other

dangerous and dirty technologies than to

claim there are no better cheaper


it was my beloved wife and creative

partner Kimberly who kept bringing me

back to the human implications of my

scientific research for me as intriguing

as the Taurus and ETS and free energy

are the most compelling question was

what understanding these things really

help alleviate human suffering in any

way and it turns out it can so much of

the pain on the planet has to do with

the lack of access to energy

can you stay warm can you get food and

water can you get hospital care

all that has to do with energy access if

there is a fundamental pattern which

makes sense to me that evolution would

be efficient in that way and we can

align with that pattern to create new

technologies that will solve these

problems then it’s worth it to me to

open my mind to these socially taboo

subjects if the new energy technologies

were to be set free worldwide the change

would be profound it would affect

everybody it would be applicable

everywhere these technologies are

absolutely the most important thing

that’s happened in the history of the

world so given the stakes I decided to

ask who’s benefiting from suppressing

scientific research whose wealth and

power are threatened by access to clean

free energy who has a motive to set up a

world where so few have so much and so

many have so little as an independent

researcher I followed one of the

cardinal rules of investigative

journalism if a story doesn’t make sense

follow the money

our being dependent on oil ensures that

energy corporations continue to reap

phenomenal profits I see them committing

huge resources to undermine energy

alternatives to control global reserves

and to maintain high oil prices they

have enough money and influence to

suppress anything that might threaten

their monopoly so who is behind the huge

energy corporations the Rockefellers

royal Empire got started in 1870 when

john d rockefeller founded Standard Oil

and became America’s first billionaire

Standard Oil has since morphed into

Exxon Mobil and others and the

Rockefellers control our food as well

they were primarily responsible for the

global shift to large-scale

petroleum-based agriculture

I remember the so-called Green

Revolution of the 1960s and 70s like

most people I thought it was a great

thing it was however based on the

planting of huge plots with a single

crop using vast amounts of oil based

fertilizers herbicides and pesticides

the Green Revolution was the brainchild

of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Natural

Science Division in partnership with

large agricultural corporations

petroleum-based agriculture provided

vast new profits for the oil industry

but never lived up to its promises of

ending hunger and promoting health the

Green Revolution did at first increase

productivity because every bit of soil

was being used for immediate production

but its true cost can now be seen

taxpayers pay billions in subsidies to

giant agribusiness corporations small

family farms have all but disappeared

biodiversity is destroyed toxic

chemicals poisoned farm workers and

pollute the land water and our food

supply endangering the health of us all

as of 2010 approximately one in every

seven people worldwide did not have

enough to eat the giant corporations who

had brought us chemicals for chemical

industrial agriculture and they were

talking about three instruments to

consolidate the food chain

the first was genetic engineering as a

way of control the second was patenting

seed and patenting life as a way of

control declaring seed to be private

property treating the saving of seed by

farmers as a crime as a theft of

intellectual property and the third was

so-called free trade treaties that would

drop ordinary people farmers growers of

their freedom to save seed the design of

Terminator technology to create sterile

seed in order to impose even more

dependence of humanity on a handful of

cooperation is the ultimate step in this

we are through what we are doing with

seed literally for the first time

creating a new colonization which I call

the colonization of the future

so in two crucial areas energy and food

the same elite banking families and

their corporations have taken control

and the consequences have been

devastating for me it was overwhelming

at first to discover such a monopoly of

influence but I knew it was important

like learning you have a tough but

treatable disease it helps to understand

what’s causing it and how it operates if

the goal is to cure it so I continued my

investigation if oil and food are

controlled by the big banking families

where else does their influence show up

as I followed the money I began to see

this same pattern of control in just

about every area of our lives

and I always found the same families in

charge either directly through their

banks and corporations or indirectly

through their major foundations again it

was the Rockefellers who created the

National Education Association with help

from the Carnegie Foundation and later

from the Ford Foundation what the

captains of industry wanted from our

schools was an obedient and docile

workforce who would be manageable

employees and eager consumers schools

are to establish fixed habits of

response to Authority that’s why it

takes 12 years here to respond

reflexively when anyone in a position of

authority tells you what to do like

education health is yet another area

dominated by big money and corporations

the American Medical Association for

example is largely funded by the

Rockefellers who use their funding to

influence AMA research and decision


the average MD in four years of medical

school takes one course in nutrition two

and a half hours in many cases and this

materials to Yahoo’s the curriculum

materials are supplied by the National

Dairy Council and the National livestock

and meat board and other industries

including the sugar Association with

products to sell to actually undermine

our health in the first place

unfortunately the way the system of

medicine is set up medical education is

primarily you know funded by

pharmaceutical companies so there’s

motive to make and sell as many drugs as

possible it’s also a very time effective

way of making money for the physician

for the pharmaceutical company for the

whole medical establishment but it’s

really perpetuating the problems it was

meant to alleviate side effects may

include nausea dry mouth and

constipation decreases in white blood

cells which can be serious sexual side

effects diarrhea nausea and sleepiness

can lead to coma or death

how far will these forces go to make a

profit would they actually suppress

cures for diseases the way they have

suppressed free energy technology

sadly my research has shown me the

answer is yes one well-documented

example is the case of dr. royal rife in

the 1920s dr. rife invented the most

advanced microscopes of his time he also

developed a new technique he called

coordinative resonance which was

apparently able to destroy cancerous

tumors as well as viruses in 1934 in

clinical trials affiliated with the

University of Southern California rice

treatment was tested on 16 terminally

ill cancer patients within three months

they were all successfully cured soon

after a lab testing Rife’s technology

was burned down and a frivolous lawsuit

was filed through the efforts of morris


head of the Journal of the American

Medical Association rife was essentially

shut down and ruined his brilliant and

promising work all but forgotten it was

really hard for me to consider that

someone might actually be suppressing

cures and cancer has run through my

family like a raging river I found out

that it’s all about patents if a

pharmaceutical company can patent and

make money from treatment especially one

that we have to keep on using then

that’s what we get otherwise we don’t

even hear about it it’s not just rife

who got shut down

ranae’s had an old Indian of jib wave

formula that was effective harry hoxsey

and max gerson had natural remedies that

worked but you know if you go and you

look them up the AMA makes them sound

like complete quacks and that’s where

following the money has been so helpful

because the same powers who control the

AMA and their research and funding

control the pharmaceuticals so there’s a

multi trillion dollar financial

incentive to suppress cures that can’t

be patented

knowing that cures exists has not taken

away the anguish I feel from losing so

many people I love to cancer it’s given

me something really satisfying to do

with the pain and I believe when we take

the love and devotion that we have for

everyone who’s died and who will die

unnecessarily and direct it to

developing and getting these cures out

to people who need them we can break

this cancer legacy and heal

as difficult as it was for me I have

come to an inescapable and profoundly

disturbing conclusion I believe that an

elite group of people and the

corporation’s they run have gained

control over not just our energy food

supply education and health care but

over virtually every aspect of our lives

and they do it by controlling the world

of finance not by creating more value

but by actually controlling the source

of money when I followed the money I

found that it took me up the levels of a

pyramid here we are at the bottom level

going about our daily lives above us is

government people who are given a

monopoly on force and use it to tax and

control us whether or not we agree but

who controls them at the next level are

the corporations many would say that it

is now corporations and not nation

states that are ruled the world they

call it a corporate hock receipt to

acquire the world’s resources in control

the markets this corporate ah cracy must

have access to cheap money the big

corporations get their loans at special

rates from the big banks which means

that those who control the major banks

the money delete’ ultimately control the

corporations as I followed the money

I’ve learned that almost everything I

once believed about money is simply not

true it’s interesting how few questions

we actually ask about very everyday

things like when we go into a bank and

we ask for a loan and say $50,000 fifty

thousand pounds what actually happens

you see most people live their lives

based on a kind of vague image of what

happens what actually happens is you ask

for 50,000 pounds they type into your

account 50,000 pounds that’s all they do

they don’t mint any coins that are print

any money they don’t move any precious

metal anywhere they just put 50,000

pounds into your account on a computer

screen from that moment you start paying

interest on money that has never does

not and will never

exist it turns out that banks actually

have about nine times as much money

loaned out as they have on reserve in

their vaults this is possible because of

what’s referred to as fractional reserve

lending the way it works is that the

Federal Reserve or the central bank in

any country is legally allowed to

determine the amount a bank must have on

reserve in the US it’s currently around

ten percent so if you deposit ten

thousand dollars into the bank the bank

sets aside ten percent or $1,000 and

then loans out the rest of your money

the way it works is say another person

comes into the bank and asked for a car

loan of nine thousand dollars at this


the bank loans out the nine thousand

dollars from your original deposit it

isn’t there anymore the borrower then

pays the person selling the car and they

go deposit the money into another Bank

which is part of the same central

banking system this nine thousand

dollars is treated as a new deposit and

the process continues the money gets

redeposited and reload until the initial

deposit of ten thousand dollars becomes

100 thousand dollars the banking system

just created ninety thousand dollars by

loaning out your money

apparently it began with the Goldsmith’s

in the 17th century when people were

trading in gold gold was heavy to carry

around so people stored the actual metal

in vaults and traded receipts instead

those receipts were the first paper

money since only a few people would

withdraw their gold at any given time

the vault owners basically the new

bankers began creating receipts for more

medals than they actually helped they

loaned out those receipts and charged

interest on money gold that they didn’t

really have that’s how our so called

fractional reserve system was born

in this system the bankers get to make

up money out of nothing while the rest

of us have to work hard to earn it it

has created a modern form of serfdom

where the massive society is now working

to pay off their debt to the banks

under this fractional reserve scheme we

inevitably become debt slaves to a

ruling class of financial elite not

because they are better or smarter than

anyone else but because they have rigged

the system to benefit themselves at the

expense of most people on the planet

Katherine Austen Fitz is an expert on

this issue

she was an Assistant Secretary of

Housing and Urban Development under

president george bush senior and then an

advisor to the clinton administration

let’s set up a game of Monopoly and you

want to buy Park Place what I can

continually do is just print money give

myself more money lower the value of

your money by printing more no matter

how hard-working you are or how

successful you are

I can always end up buying you for free

so how come if you are I make up money

it’s called counterfeiting but if the

banks do it it’s increasing the money

supply how did the banks get this power

this is Jekyll Island we’re in 1910

representatives from the Rockefellers

Rothschilds Morgans and other private

bankers gathered secretly to draft the

legislation that would create the

Federal Reserve Edie Griffin literally

wrote the book on what happened at

Jekyll Island central banks our banking

cartels which have gone into partnership

with the respective governments in the

countries where they operate and they’ve

been given monopolistic power over the

creation of the nation’s money supply

that’s what the politicians handed to

them as a gift you might say for the

partnership now in return what did the

bankers do for the politicians they

promised to create money out of nothing

now that they’ve got this legal power to

do it anytime the government needs it

and since 2008 we’ve witnessed the

greatest fake money printing run in

recorded history this financial sleight

of hand disguises the costs hides who’s

to blame and leaves us as debt slaves

working to pay off the bill I found it

revealing that in the same year the

Federal Reserve was founded 1913 the

Internal Revenue Service was also

established an income tax was then

instigated so you and I would have to

pay the politicians debt plus interest

to the bankers the problem is we have a

privately-owned central bank system in

the United States

disguised as a government-owned system

now if you look in the the telephone

book here in the Washington DC area you

look up for Federal Reserve in the blue

government pages it’s not there it’s in

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