Hailey's Personal Experience

دوره: شادی و انعطاف پذیری / فصل: Happiness and Resiliancy / درس 3

Hailey's Personal Experience

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Hailey shares her journey and the events that shaped her into the person she is today.

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Hi folks welcome back in this lecture give you a bit of a deeper dive into my journey and why I am 100 percent confident that when you increase your level of resiliency you will experience far more happiness. And when you reframe your life and rewrite your story so that it inspires you and maybe inspires others it’s not that the events changed it’s not that the people who hurt you didn’t do what they did. It’s just that you get your power back and you feel so much better about your whole story. The one you’re still writing for the future the one you’re in right now and the one you can’t go back in time to change. But you can definitely change your perspective. So I grew up in an abusive home where mental wellness issues were prevalent. It was a dysfunctional home. There were financial issues. My parents had marital challenges and it was really a difficult childhood. At the age of eight I decided that I wasn’t good enough and entered my battle with disordered eating and body image issues. By 17 I had spent nearly a decade in severe depression counseling therapy a variety of modalities and actually tried to take my life twice. Thank God I wasn’t successful so that I could be here to share this information with you today and help people all over the world. Never have to get to that place. Then I had a wakeup call at the age of 17. I was brutally attacked at knife point and I’m very lucky to be alive after undergoing multiple corrective surgeries. I started to put the pieces of my life back together. By 19 created a successful income started making my first six figure income purchased my first home and I was on my journey to raise my self-esteem. Bad things were continuing to happen to me. The attack wasn’t the end but my self-esteem was rising. I started to make better choices better associations and I feel like the people that came into my life where a match for my self-esteem at the time. Now this may or may not sound like your childhood or your past but here’s the moral of the story. Going through all of it until the age of 17. I never made the distinction that these things are happening for a reason. And they were happening for a great purpose and the reason depression came into my life is I didn’t have resiliency. I didn’t have any of the Survive and Thrive methods and over the last 20 years from 17 to today at age 37. So now I’m a mom of three and happily married today. I now have such a full toolkit of survive and thrive methods that when something negative happens it doesn’t send me into depression. It doesn’t create suicidal feelings. It no longer sends me to that dark place because I’ve learned how to process things how to shift them how to reframe them and how to actually be grateful for them and truly truly happy and grateful for my whole life. Even my attack people ask me all the time Hayley if you could go back in time and change it wouldn’t you change that. No I wouldn’t change that. Everything has helped me shape who I am today and who I intend to be for you. Someone to guide you on your journey to healing to resiliency and to happiness. So when we talk about happiness when we talk about resiliency it is not for you to wish for fewer problems. It is not about wishing bad things wouldn’t happen. It’s about becoming someone and you can become that someone where no matter what happens it’s not going to knock you off your game no matter what happens you’re going to be OK. You’ll grieve. You may be emotional you’ll cry you’ll hurt. We’re all human but rather than that taking you into a slump for a year or a lifetime maybe it’ll take you into a slump for a few hours or maybe for a few days but then you’ll snap back out of it and get back onto your A-game and that’s what’s possible folks when we really go into the methods. I came at these methods through each of the tragic events that I went through in my life. I only shared a few of them. I’ve also gone through divorce became a single mother went through that process and created family and marriage after that. So I can understand what you’re going through. And if the problems you’re going through are similar or if they’re different no matter what you’re going through. If it is occurring for you as a serious challenge it’s a serious challenge and I acknowledge you for being willing to go on this journey of saying I need more strength I need more happiness as he goes through this course with me. You will constantly be asking yourself do I need this I need this. I don’t really want to admit to anyone how much I need this. Now what would my I was thinking what would my employer think if they knew how much I needed this. But folks you’re lucky we live in a time right now where mental wellness is a hot topic. It’s possible to talk about it. It’s OK to be open. It’s great to be open. It’s OK to be vulnerable and to know that you need some assistance on your way. So I’m really excited to move through this section so we can get into the second half of our course where you’re going to get the actual methods to come out this happy. After going through things as awful as I’ve gone through. So come back. Post a comment post a question let me know how you’re doing and let’s get into the next lecture together.

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