Method to Heal Yourself.

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Method to Heal Yourself.

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How to access the "Magic'. How to get more happiness and resiliency. How to use the right tools to work on yourself.

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Welcome back in this section we’re going to start to discuss the magic. We’re going to start to discuss how you can get more of the good stuff more of the happy more resilient nice options. The way that I teach happiness and resiliency is as a coach and a trainer and a facilitator. But I’m not the only option. There are traditional options there are medical options there are alternative and energy options. And let’s talk about that a bit. Recently I met with a client and I gave her a one hour coaching session. Happiness and resiliency coaching at the end of that hour she hugged me cry thanked me and said You know I’ve been in therapy with a psychologist for three and a half years. And in those three and a half years it felt great to talk to someone but we didn’t fix anything the way you fix things with me today. And she decided that day that she didn’t need therapy anymore and she was going to walk away with tools to be able to work on herself. Now I’m not saying that everyone’s going to feel better after just one session but that’s a price difference between coaching and therapy therapy tends to be something where if you find it comforting you may have it every week every month every year for the rest of your adult life. Therapy might be covered by your health plan in your country where it might be an out-of-pocket expense it might be beneficial for you but it often takes many sessions over an extended period of time. Here’s where coaching is different. Not that it’s better just that it’s different. Coaching is for someone who says Give me the life back on how I can get this done sooner and how I can fire you and learn how to do it for myself. So coaching is where we say to you. Let’s teach you the skills so that one day soon you won’t need me and you’ll be able to help heal yourself. And you’re actually not just worked through your current challenge and your past challenges. But when the next challenge comes up and 10 years later when the next one comes up you’ll know what to do and you’ll be able to do it to yourself and for yourself. So I encourage you to explore all of the options that are out there. If you feel inclined and if your gut says I should be on the medical path by all means reach out and get the support you need. You can work with a social worker a psychologist a psychiatrist a counselor and in fact some of you might be going through grief right now or an immediate trauma and could benefit from working with a grief or a trauma counselor. I highly recommend reaching out to the practitioner that feels right sounds right for you and if you’re looking for in-person support reaching out to someone that comes highly recommended in your personal area. Now if you’re open to spirituality and energy where there are some amazing healing modalities that you can access to deal with stored feelings regressed and repressed emotions that are in many phenomenal practitioners that you can work with. Feel free to drop me a message and I can recommend some great practitioner types for you to reach out to. And then it brings us back to coaching. So whether you are taking online courses as your form of coaching to learn how to self heal or whether you intend to work with a coach one on one in person or by phone you are in for an exciting journey because you’re going to expedite your results. You’re going that fast track your path from where you are now to where you want to be. It won’t be easy. It’s going to involve a lot of effort on your part. It’s going to involve an open mind a willing heart and the willingness to be vulnerable not to be afraid by the emotions and the knowing that a little bit of patience is going to go a long way. You won’t have to wait that long. But it’s not a miracle cream and we’re not going to be able to fix things in five minutes so if you’re ready to expedite your healing process to gain more resiliency and experience more happiness than what we’re going to need to dive into the second half of our program where we teach those survive and thrive methods. Now there are 20 of them that have come to me over the last 20 years. Each trauma I went through I didn’t use the same technique to heal and overcome from those events. Each trauma required a different event. And now the toolbox is complete when you end up with all 20 of those tools in your arsenal which is learnable which is trainable which With practice you can master you will be someone that can handle all things. I’m going to say that again you will be someone who can handle all things and that in the peace of mind your children can have if you are a parent knowing that my parents are going to be OK no matter what happens to them financially no matter what happens to them with their health. No matter what happens in the economy they’re going to be OK and they’re going to be here for me. If you’re in a relationship and imagine conference of knowing if you do this work with your significant other which I highly recommend. Imagine knowing there are going to be OK no matter what you go through as a couple no matter what you experience knowing that you get to have a mentally well happy strong person by your side in life. That’s huge and that’s exciting. And for who you get to being your career if you’re a single person and you’re the one breadwinner in your life wouldn’t it be great to know that you will always be OK no matter what you go through you’ll be able to bounce back and you’ll get to take care of you no matter what. So I’m really excited to continue on the journey I see in the next lecture.

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