Taking your Temperature

دوره: شادی و انعطاف پذیری / فصل: Happiness and Resiliancy / درس 5

Taking your Temperature

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Let's take your temperature. Not the Fahrenheit temperature, but the how you feel about your life on a scale of one to ten.

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I want to do something fun. We’re going to take the temperature of how you’re feeling about yourself and your life right now. And the reason we’re going to do this is that I’m confident by the end of this course you’re going to have a different temperature. Let me explain right now. When you think about your life as a whole The Good The Bad The Ugly and everything in between. How do you feel about your life. You know so if 10 was what’s on the scale and 10 being elated you feel elated about your life. And one means you feel like your life has been horrible. How would you rate your life. Take a moment right now just chop that down on a piece of paper. How I feel about my whole life. Out of ten is and give yourself a little reading. No one has to see it. But by all means if you want to share please do share. Now when we get to the end of the course and when we go through some of the reframe methods you know ask you that question again and I’ll be amazed if your number doesn’t change. So what I’ve learned is that two people can have the exact same experiences but they perceive them or rate them very differently. In fact there might be another student watching this course right now. Maybe a thousand students watching this course right now on all different corners of the world and maybe all of them experienced a traumatic car accident. But how they each treat their life is going to depend on their personal resiliency how long they’ve let it affect them and how they frame their story in their mind. So do a little checking. Here’s another question for you. When you think about happiness and you how does it feel. Is that a word that feels totally uncomfortable because it doesn’t define you at all. Is that how your friends or peers or family would define you. Or are you somewhere in the middle. So let’s take a look at happiness and you and how good of a match that word is for describing you and how you feel. So if 10 is really happy and one is miserable grumpy and not happy at all take a moment and write that down happiness in you. Where do you feel like you are on that scale right now. So thanks for participating and playing along. And I can’t wait to see you in the next lecture where we’re going to quickly summarize everything we’ve covered so far and get you ready to do the real work learn the real skills that you can start implementing today. Tonight before you go to bed you will already be operating in a whole new way with brand new skills that will start pulling your best future closer towards you. I can’t wait to see you in the next election.

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