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The foundations are laid and now you are ready to get going and change your levels of Happiness.

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Congratulations you’ve made it to the end of the first half of the program. And this was the boring part. This is where we just lay the foundation. Talk about the way things are out there and for you and dissect the topics a bit of happiness and resiliency what the issue is what the impacts are and a little insight on what you could do about it or the fact that there is even a hope that you can do something about it. So now that we’ve covered all the boring information all part of the program now we’re ready to dive into the actual methods but learnable skills and the things that you get to start doing starting today to make a difference in your life. And there’s three ways that happiness and resiliency training will positively affect your life. Number one you’re going to be able to leave the past where it belongs in the past. And in fact you’re going to get to rewrite the story so that it works better for you. Number two you’re going to get to experience more happiness freedom and ease in the present. You’re going to enjoy your life more right now. So if you’re wearing one of those old mood rings I don’t know how many of you guys remember the mood rings that you could get out of the vending machines. You’re going to be able to be Counselman that that mood is positive when we take the temperature on how you’re feeling at any given time. It’ll be better than how it used to be. And the third area of your life that’s going to change is the book that’s still unwritten your future and you’re going to realize that you actually get to be in the driver’s seat and you get to play a pivotal role in designing it creating it and navigating through it powerfully and beautifully. So folks if that’s something that you’re interested in completing your past loving your present and designing a future that excites you. Trinh the right course and you’ve ended the boring part. Let’s get to the exciting part. We tackle the magic and the good stuff. So come on back and let’s go into the second half of our program.

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