How to Write Introductions for Process Diagrams

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How to Write Introductions for Process Diagrams

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In this video we’ll look at how to write the introductions for the process diagrams.

So here’s our practice question and here’s the description of the process.

The description reads the diagrams below show the lifecycle of a species of a large fish called the


So here’s our diagram and here we can see the lifecycle of a fish called the salmon.

Let’s see how to paraphrase this.

So here’s the question language and First we’ll look at the synonyms instead of diagrams.

We can say illustrations shows can be replaced with highlight lifecycle can be changed to cycle of life

large can be replaced with sizable and cold can be rephrased as known as.

So after replacing the original words in the question language with our synonyms.

This is what we have so far the illustrations highlight the cycle of life of a sizable fish known as

the salmon now in this sentence.

We can insert the phrase the process by which.

Note that this is a useful phrase that you can use whenever you’re describing any type of process so

we’re going to insert this phrase right here after the word highlight.

Next we can change up the word order so we’re going to take this part here.

Sizable fish known as the salmon and we can move this part right here.

So once we’ve done that this is what our final introduction looks like the illustrations highlight the

process by which a sizable fish known as the salmon complete the cycle of life so for the introduction.

That’s all you have to do.

You just need to write one sentence or maybe two sentences and paraphrase the question language in your

own words.

Let’s look at the next example this time we have an unnumbered process diagram.

Here is the description of this process and this description reads The diagram below.

The stages and equipment used in the cement making process and how cement is used to produce concrete

for building purposes.

Let’s go ahead and paraphrase this.

So here’s the question language and first the synonyms diagrams can be replaced with two representations.

Since we have two representations in this question show can be replaced with illustrate stages can be

replaced with steps tools is a synonym for the word equipment we can replace used with required cement

making process can be replaced with for producing cement house cement is used to produce can be replaced

with converting it into and building purposes can be replaced with construction needs now.

In this example we’re not going to be changing the world order of the question language.

This is because changing the word order is not always required.

So in this example we’re just going to use the synonyms and leave it at that.

So this is what our final introduction looks like.

The two representations illustrate the steps and tools required for producing cement and converting

it into concrete for construction needs so I hope that all of this is making sense to you so far and

that you now have a good understanding of how to write introductions.

In the next video I’m going to show you how to write the introductions for the map questions.

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