How to Write Introductions for Maps

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How to Write Introductions for Maps

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In this final video on writing introductions we’ll look at how to write the introductions for map questions.

So here’s a practice map question and here’s the description of the maps.

The description reads the two maps below show an island before and after the construction of some tourist

facilities so here we see a before version of the map.

And here we see an after version of the map.

So let us go ahead and paraphrase this description.

First we’ll look at the synonyms we can replace show with compare we can replace before and after with

prior to and following construction can be replaced with developments.

And finally tourist facilities can be replaced with tourism purposes so after using these synonyms This

is what our paraphrasing looks like.

The two maps compare an island prior to and following some developments for tourism purposes now to

add some more originality to the sentence.

We can insert the phrase carried out right here.

We’re not going to be changing up the word order in this example since it’s not always required.

So after using the synonyms and inserting this phrase this is what our final introduction looks like.

The two maps compare an island prior to and following some developments carried out for tourism purposes.

So as you can see it doesn’t matter what type of question you get on your islands writing task one whether

you get a trend question a comparative graph question a process diagram or a map.

The process for writing the introduction is exactly the same for all question types.

So I hope that by now you know exactly how to write a good introduction in the next video we’re going

to look at how to write the overview paragraph for your task one essay.

So I’ll see you there.

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