Math is everywhere

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Math is everywhere

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When going through your day, you may not realize how much math surrounds you. Second grader, Jim Patrick, sees math everywhere. From the fractions in the pizza you eat for lunch to the multiplication you can use to check the time, Jim encourages us all to recognize the math in our lives. This Talk was given at TED-Ed Weekend in New York City. To learn more, go to https-// The TED-Ed Clubs program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. In TED-Ed Clubs, students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Club Leaders receive TED-Ed's flexible curriculum to guide their Members in developing presentation literacy skills to help inspire tomorrow's TED speakers and future leaders. This presentation was completed by participating in a TED-Ed Club and produced independently of the TED Conferences. Only approved Club Leaders ( are able to upload TED-Ed Club presentations on behalf of their students. *If you see any video that should be flagged as offensive, please let us know by emailing

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hi my name is Jim I’m seven years old and second grade i like to wear with my girls and I like math did you know a fraction is part of a whole it works like this if you see a pizza that’s fun to 12 slices and you take one slice you have 112 on the whole entire pizza when I’m done I hope you learn all the different kinds of math and some math vocabulary I also want you to learn how more knife is in the entire world I have a secret I told myself enough as a toddler I’m even writing my own book about adding subtracting multiplying dividing and other numbers I’m also going to have lots of equations in my book math is everywhere when you buy things start a car pick bill so time any of when you’re cooking multiplication is used by a lot of different people did you know we even use multiplication that’s all time not a clock it works like this if the small hands on the seven that means it’s a new call for our hands on the eighth that means at 7:40 is multiplication five 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 times 8 equals 40 the clock says 7:40 I learned how to tell time because I kept them in frustrated not knowing how it’s done I had to play before bedtime but if I have to go to bed at 8:00 and the folks at 7:49 calculate how much time I have left in this case I have a whole twenty more minutes to play first raters use multiplication - for example you couldn’t tell how many kids can be in a wasum just rules about how many kids are at table how many tables there are additional r1 r2 and kamee they aren’t important for example let’s say you’re honoring cookies frogs at the party with the principal you definitely want to make sure you have enough so our thirty students are at the party and a hundred seventy more students join the party how many cookies do we need now wait see my right breast of the school and a thousand martinis join how many cookies doing it now 1200 also said 1,200 another example is in science let’s say nine compulsions then kind of go okras make nine more knives made a hundred of course but let’s say only native 15 now I can use subtraction it’s just the office of addition to figure out how next Republicans we have so you can subtract the 15 potions we need from 100 Persians we have now these laws whether they define extra fractions are all around us too we can even add subtract them for example if I add a clause a cupcake they need another half of the cupcake I’ve eaten three quarters of a cupcake or when my mom makes a pie made two thirds of the pie is only 1/3 a pie graph for everyone else did you know magnificent negative number inside to a positive number and there are more negative ones than positive ones something negative number for example so you lose negative 10 equals negative 7 we’re a hundred minus 200 he was negative 100 that’s pretty cool look how much there is around us there’s really a lot of math there also questions shapes and patterns you want to learn more about all of this make sure to listen to repeat hor experts math like me thank you for listening to my presentation

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