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بخش 05

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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

متن انگلیسی فصل

I happen to have a job here,

and l have no desire to get into trouble on account of you!

I worked hard to get my position.

What is it you want from me?

We want water!

Ah, right here you have water!

  • So now if you would get out.
  • One thing.

Why on earth did you help us by hiding us in here?

Because with Hunter, you would have been killed.

So, l see. You are one of us, after all.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I was born in a Brooklyn zoo - not that you know what that means.

I’m very, very sorry but you’re dead wrong

and l am certainly not who you think l am!

I am not one of your kind for sure!

We need water! l mean lots of water! For all of us!

Good. Then we go over to the dam, open the floodgates,

and run the water to your valley.

And then you folks get lost!

And so what we have created is what we like to call an oasis of peace.

In total harmony with nature, which is of course the key,

and that’s called ecological tourism.

The result: guaranteed sustainability,

with enough electricity generated to power several cities.

You can imagine the benefits for the local economy.

You should imagine what that means for the poor animals that live downstream.

  • Erm…
  • They’re dying of thirst without water!

Maya, go to your room at once. You know nothing of this.

It’s always about money, right? That’s all you ever think about.

These kids… Go figure.

And now, if you would follow me into the complex interior.

I’ll go in there, open the spout, then l’ll come back out.

Meanwhile, you make sure you do not move from this spot!



As you can imagine, the most modern and stringent security measures

are utilised in this most sensitive of areas.

Everything is state of the art and hermetically sealed.

Unauthorised access is totally out of the question.


Oh, l feel rather woozy.

I’m coming!


Oh, no!



Oh, no, that’s totally not fair. No, no, no!

Brave veterans, can you stand the pace?

We’re fine, thank you. Though we’re not quite as young as we used to be.

Well, l see, heeh-heeh…

a beauty in the prime of her life.

Well, l’m 715 years old.

Winston is twelve years older.

She has aged splendidly, my dear little lotus blossom.

You, with the sweet talk.


The ‘eroism of the tortoises has saved us all,

but without water all that awaits us is certain death.

And we are doomed if we go back to free Socrates and release the water.

We are much too weak.

Then we have to get help! We’ll call all the animals of the Savannah.

Excellent, weasel!

Daddy? What are you doing with the lion?

Maya, Daddy has no time for this right now.

Set the lion free right now!

There is nothing l can possibly do. The lion is dangerous

and we can’t just let it loose to run around all over the place.

And besides, l’ve already sold the lion to a casino in Las Vegas.


You have successfully penetrated the security zone,

while your friends have disappeared in the drink.

You! Looks like you’re the lucky one.

  • Smith sold you to a casino in Las Vegas.
  • Las WHAT?

You hit the jackpot. Top of the mountain!

I’ve always dreamed of doing an appearance in Las Vegas, just once.


I’m not hungry.


It’ll taste a lot better.

Oh, Mum, did you have something to drink?

Of course I did!

You’re a really bad liar, you know.


This is my water hole, crocodile bait!

  • So?
  • You go find your own puddle, si?

Or you can find my horn!

Instead l’ll use your horn as a toenail clipper, OK?

You’re asking for it.

300 pounds, and not an ounce of brain in their fat heads.

On three. One… Two…



Hold on, sweetheart.


Haven’t you idiots got anything better to do?

  • Erm, nope.
  • Eh, no.

Have you ever thought why you two are fighting in the first place?

Naturally. Because…

  • Eh…‘cause…
  • Mm-hmm…?

  • What do you think, Biggie?
  • Hey, l don’t know.

Just as I thought.

From now on, go and play your juvenile games somewhere else!

Got it? Hmm?!

Let’s go talk to Angie. She is actually the president of Okavango.

A female president! Hmm, why not?

I will attempt a bit of diplomacy with ‘er, the way l know ‘ow.

My skin is utterly and completely dried out.

My nails are all cracked, my complexion - ruined!

My lashes are like barbed wire. The end is near!


  • We’ve got other things to worry about.
  • Oh, well, that’s charming.

I’m falling apart and you say, “We’ve got other things to worry about!”

Oh, do not despair, mesdames!

Oh, no! l hear voices! Aah, l know this is the end.

And l look like such a mess.


‘Ello, the name is…Charles.

Charles! My, my, what a lovely name!

By the way, the oppressive ‘eat can do nothing to ‘ide

your noble and sublime beauty.

Ooh! Mmm!

If l may be so bold, you seem to ‘ave been blessed with a delightful nose.


So soft! And the most silky trunk!

Pooh! Go marry her, then.

We must call a conference. Tout de suite!

  • A conference?
  • A gathering of all the animals.

There we must figure out ‘ow this hero of yours

was able to discover the water.

I have a hero? Erm, who is it?

  • Yoo-hoo!
  • Billy?


Then someone’s got to blow the great horn!

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