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بخش 06

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متن انگلیسی فصل

There is a great gathering of the animals in two hours, called a conference.

You don’t want to be late!

I’m on my way!

Ugh! Let’s see, two hours. I know l can do it.

Thank heaven for shortcuts.

Well, look who’s here. It’s the lightweight!

Hey, Biggie.

What’s so funny, carrot top, eh?

We are all gathered together to discuss our precarious situation.

As you all may know, this is our first great historical animal gathering.

For the duration of the proceedings, no-one will inflict harm upon another!

  • Fine by me!
  • Meerkats only really count as snacks!

No one is allowed to touch anyone!


Billy? Your report.

Yeah. So, here’s the scoop. Uh, I found the water, cool.

Who cares what that worm has to say?

He’s nothing but a squashed fly on my hoof, sí?

Problem is, the water’s trapped way up in Leopard Canyon,

by these massive stones.

It was the leopard?!

No it was because of a bunch of strange, ugly creatures, naked, without any fur!

Oh, that’s gross!

We’re talking bloodthirsty, awful beasts.

They call themselves humans!

What a pile of garbage!

And since when did we ever listen to the drivel from a meerkat?

Chino is a dumb buffalo, but for once he’s got a point.

Mon ami. This, well, meerkat

has shown more courage than all of you combined.

Oh, such big words coming from you, you…

..you little half-pint.

Do you ‘ave any idea what this little ‘alf-pint has been through?

Do you just know ‘ow many of my comrades l ‘ave lost?

The things l ‘ave seen from a dark dungeon,

where my kind and l were locked up only to languish in the smallest of cells,

while wondering if we were to end up on a skewer?

Or perhaps a burgundy sauce?

Mankind treats us like…animals!

Well, that certainly was clear as mud.

And that’s why we have to do something!

We have to free up the water now!

Er, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean

we have to go through the… Valley of Death?!

The water has always come, and it will come this time.

We just have to wait.

The water is not simply water.

It is the blood of our forefathers.

Come on, what’s with these two old-timers!

These two tortoises know mankind better than any other alive!

And, of course, much, much longer.

  • Good…
  • … evening.

My name is Winston and…

..l am called Winifred.

We were born more than 700 years ago…

..on an island located deep within the Pacific Ocean.

In all that time, we have come across many human beings.

They have stolen and have murdered

and destroyed everything many, many times.

And we let it happen.

And because of this, we have lost everything.

Our beloved home is sadly no more.

Where once were blooming flowers of all colours is now dry and arid.

Where once the very air vibrated with the twittering

of thousands of kinds of birds is now only silence.

Where once seals and the beasts of the ocean bobbed in the waves,

all life is now at an end.

Galápagos, our wondrous home,

is now little more than a wretched, black, dark and oily mass.

The entire world is nothing more than a black, dark and oily mass.

Except for this place here.

But if you do nothing to stop it,

this place too will become no more than a blackened stain.

For Man is a thief who comes in the night

and takes what he wants from the land.

He is like a snake who eats his own tail to survive.

But the Earth does not belong to Man.

He’s only a tiny part of it.

Man did not weave the fabric of life.

He’s but a thread within it, for we all share the same breath.

The rising mists of the lush green forests,

the refreshment of the rocky mountain breezes,

the perfumed scent of the wind after a cooling shower of rain,

the plants, Man and we, the animals.

What Man doesn’t realise is what he does to the land

he ultimately does to himself,

and when the land is finally destroyed

and the animals are either driven out or killed,

Man will rule over the Earth alone.

Then, lost and forlorn, he too will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

But that is a cold comfort to us now, for every one of you will perish

if you don’t defend yourselves against humanity.

My dear, you spoke wisely and with great care.

Well, that’s because they were your thoughts that l spoke.

What you spoke was greater than every thought.

And still all meaningless, compared to my many years with you,

our years together.

It’s been wonderful.

Good. So good…



Winston and Winifred have gone to sleep for the last time.

But they live on in all our dreams and in our hearts.

The day ‘as come.

Madame, we are waiting on your command.

But shouldn’t we consult the oracle first?

I don’t think so, dear. Been there, done that.

  • So, to battle!
  • And down with the beast!

And down with the beast!

Allons! Et vive la liberté!

Well! The least they could have done is consult the oracle.

I get no respect!

What happened to tradition? It’s a disgrace!

Did you hear what l heard?

We’ve all been asking for advice from that guy?

A hairdresser who talks from both sides of his mouth at the same time?

A proud army, to be sure, Madame.

It is a true honneur to be allowed to march with you.

Yes, we’re proud, but are we strong enough?

Remember, the buffalo and the rhino didn’t come along.

The ‘eroic courage of our brave soldiers will make up for them.

Socrates, hang in there. We’re coming!

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