Demo- Answering Task 2 From Start to Finish - PART 1

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Demo- Answering Task 2 From Start to Finish - PART 1

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Everybody welcome back. We’re now moving into the final section of this course which is to conclusion and in the conclusion we’re just going to wrap up everything that we’ve learned and also provide a few more tips and techniques in bits of advice which will help hopefully help you to feel a little bit more confident when you head into your exam. In this first lecture of this section it’s going to be a long video. The reason for this is that we’re going to be answering a task to question from start to finish. And because you have a 40 minute time limit in the exam and you have to write at least 250 words naturally that’s going to force me into a longer video. But feel free to pause this at sections and come back later. You know maybe even split it into days maybe listen said the first couple of paragraphs come back for the second two paragraphs later. Take it at your own pace as per usual. So let’s focus on the question which we’re going to answer now. So here’s the question we’re going to answer. Let’s read it out together. Some people view teenage conflict with their parents as a necessary part of growing up whilst others see it as something negative which should be avoided. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. So first thing we need to do is to identify the question type That’s the first step of planning. And the question type. Hopefully you realize is a discussion opinion question so we will write that down under our plan. Discussion opinion question. The second step is to highlight the key words. Second step of planning. So let’s find out the key words here. In my opinion the key words are teenage conflict necessary. And negative. So it could be rephrased really easily as is teenage conflict necessary or negative. You do have secondary key words as well and it’s important to at least refer to them. Part of growing up should be avoided with parents of course but the really key words are the ones that I’ve highlighted here. You’ve got the topic and you’ve got the two opinions in the form of adjectives necessary and negative. So once we have that we can think about writing a plan. So the plan is far third and final step of planning. And remember we don’t want to plan the introduction and we don’t want to plan the conclusion. We have formulas for those we can save time by not planning them. We’ve got to think about the themes of each paragraph though and in order to know what we’re going to talk about in each paragraph we have to have an opinion. It’s a key part of the requirements. So my opinion is that I think it is a necessary part of growing up. Now if you remember from my lecture on the different question types I suggest that we put the side of we agree with in the second paragraph so I’m not going to title this one necessary. I’m going to title the first paragraph negative so we know the theme of each of our paragraphs and then we’re going to go through and this will look quite familiar. If you remember the building body paragraphs lecture on how we create nice and cohesive and well developed body paragraphs. Each of these letters corresponds to a different sentence type. The first one is T which stands for topic sentence. This should contain the main argument for the opinion presented. The opinion is that teenage conflict is negative. Why is it negative. While I would say that it can be harmful to relationships I don’t have to be very specific it’s just a plan. So just a couple of key words here. Try not to overdo the plan. Why is it harmful to relationships. Well certainly conflict can cause tension in the family. We can go into a bit more detail when we reached that sentence but for now just keeping it quite simple no example of tension and how our example of conflict and how it can cause tension. Something that parents and teenagers often disagree on something like smoking particularly as it’s quite a negative paragraph one to look at quite a negative example to support the point. Now again just the one word because we’ll develop it later. The alternative view remember from the conditional sentences lecture. The alternative is where if we want to emphasize how conflict is negative we can look at how not having conflict is positive. So if then sort of structure so I a title this no conflict and the result is the happy families. Nice and simple. Nothing dramatic with the language just coming through the plan. Nice and quick with some ideas there. We may even join those two sentences together to create the conditional four sentences in a paragraph is absolutely fine as long as it’s all well developed. Let’s look at the necessary paragraph them. So what’s my main argument for why it’s necessary. Well I’m going to look at the task language here to help me. I can see they’ve written part of growing up. Another way of saying this it’s important for development. This is a nice open ended idea. It almost wants me to develop the idea because it’s not clear enough yet so I’ll do that in my supporting sentence. So important for development. Why I think it helps teenagers just distract teens here because it’s the plan to form opinions and they’re forming their sense of self. I would say for an example. Maybe it’s different eating habits so we could look at vegetarians in air a family of meat eaters for example which could cause conflict. But it’s important for that teenager to engage with that conflict so that they can form these opinions. What happens if that teenager does not confront his parents if they’re not willing to engage in conflict. So the alternative is actually the exact same as above. It’s no conflict but the result is opposites. The result is now a negative results. I think it will lead to unassertive year unassertive lacking in confidence adults. So I’m just going to write unassertive adults here and again I’ll develop the language later. So there’s our plan to leave that on the screen and as we mentioned we don’t want to plan the introduction. Susan because we have formulas now the formula for the introduction was a general statement paraphrase and possibly if you want to a planned sentence I’m just going to look at the general statement and paraphrase to save a bit of time. So my general statements remember the different introductions. Nowadays these days in recent years there is no doubt that it is important to consider. I’m going to choose. There is no doubt that because I can easily think of something which both sides would agree with. I’m Kate. So thanks to the modal verb. Can I have included a sentence which pretty much nobody can disagree with because it stops me from generalizing and it’s now just a generally true statement there’s no doubt that adolescence can not always but it can be a difficult period for both youngsters and their parents. It doesn’t say whether it is good or bad. That’s for later. But it just introduces the idea and helps us to smooth our way into the opening of the essay. Now we go and think about the paraphrase sentence and the first thing that I think we should do is introduce a complex sentence if you remember from the lecture on complex sentences. To do that we need to use a subordinating conjunction like although Or while or despite having only used the one the word although here. To create a sense of contrast between somebody else’s view and my own view. So although some people believe that’s all I could write teenage conflicts wouldn’t be a terrible thing. It would be okay but I think if we can immediately demonstrate our intent. To paraphrase and to show our range of vocabulary that’s even better. So what we’re going to use is referencing referencing by way of demonstrating pronouns like this and these and such. So I believe that complex at this time adolescence we know it’s about teenagers and parents because we’ve written it there. We don’t really have to say teenage conflict with their parents so although soapie some people believe that conflict at this time what’s a way of paraphrasing negative. Maybe don’t just look for synonyms tried to think of different ways to say the same thing. So we might say here does more harm than good. Sort of idiomatic language is not overly idiomatic. That would be maybe inappropriate but it’s you know it shows natural understanding of collocation. So conflict at this time does more harm than good. I would argue. So we’re showing our separation from Matthew and we’re using a comma at the appropriate time for the complex sentence. I would argue that it is now. What’s a word for necessary to work the necessary. You know we could use the word important. I want to borrow it from here. If we sit with it a bit longer we can find another synonym. Let’s go for the word essential. So an essential part of growing up. How can we paraphrase that it is an essential. I might borrow now my topic sentence language from down there. That’s okay I might change it later. I might not even need to. But don’t worry too much about paraphrasing every thing you’ve got to finish the essay. Don’t worry about perfection you can always underline words and come back to them later if you want to. So I’m just going to write it is an essential stage of teenagers development. Notice the apostrophe after the S to make it possessive. Now I don’t need to write a plan. I don’t need to say this essay will because it’s very clear from my introduction what this essay is going to discuss. I don’t have to be so blunt about it. When your writing is of a high quality it should be clear to the reader what he is going to be reading about in this essay. However it is important that in an essay like this a discussion opinion essay that you present in opinion we presented an opinion very clearly with. I would argue so those are introduction of a word count of forty three words. So nice number. Not too long. Not too sure. So in to the body now into the body. And because we are looking at a discussion opinion question it’s a discussion. There’s an opinion involved but it’s a discussion end with like with any discussion you’re looking at one side you’re looking at another side. So what am I going for here. Maybe you can get it before we finish. On the one hand and you might be able to guess what I will be introducing my next paragraph with but we’ll come to that later. On the one hand. Okay now a good topic sentence should consist of both the view and the arguments. And here I’m going to introduce a nice template that you can use for many different topic sentences. Those who believeth. Argue that if you want to avoid the generalization you might add a might argue that. But I’ll give you a template here of your own example on the one hand those who believe education should be free might argue that it leads to a stronger economy. So you can see what we might use here. Those who believe what’s the view teenage conflict. Is negative. Yeah we could say negative. What’s the adjective of this word here. The adjective is harmful. So those who believe teenage conflict is harmful might argue that. Now I got a bit of a problem because I’ve used the word harmful in my plan and you certainly don’t want to repeat that quickly. So it’s okay. We just got to think on our feet try to find something else. Maybe instead of an adjective we can use a verb instead. You can see the noun here. Harm that also works as a verb. We’ve got the verb harm that we could use be a bit repetitive. What’s a synonym of harm. Why don’t we go for the word damage. So why argue that it can damage relationships. Maybe be more specific between parents and their children. We know we’re talking about teenagers. Teenagers are still technically children to an extent so it’s okay. Right. This were paraphrasing the word teenager. So there’s our topic sentence on the one hand those who believe teenage companies as harmful might argue that it can damage relationships between parents and their children. Then we say why. Notice the question why. Well if I was asking you the question why you might say well it’s because but we don’t want to start a sentence like that. But very very close. You say it is because but when we start a new sentence we often change to get for this. And then you’ve got the opening. This is a very good way to start. The vast majority of support sentences. This is because we’re just explaining why. So this is because such an What’s another word for conflict. Lots to choose from here. Arguments confrontations and disagreements disputes. So unknown you use that word that I just chose at the end there. This is this is because such disputes can mean let’s use the verb creates and then don’t be afraid to just copy from your plan. The whole idea of a plan is to speed up your writing. So don’t worry about that at all. Don’t be too dependent on it. And do be careful do be careful to make sure you’re not missing out any important grammar that you might have missed in the plan but certainly don’t be too hesitant to just copy from the plan. Because such disputes can create tension in the family. We have an example instantly. You should be writing for example without them thinking too much about it. You got the E there. That translates straight to example. For example for instance to illustrate you can score a band 9 with cohesive devices like this they may be very regular but you can still do so. So for example let’s say this is going to be a bit tricky. We’re going to speed through this example a little bets but hopefully it will get the point across about how to use an example. It is quite common for young people to paraphrase a teenage is quite common for young people too. Begin smoking at their age too. Why do they do it to impress their peers. But the resulting game we’ve got to find another word for conflict. So the resulting confrontations with parents can lead to difficulties with communication after but. So that’s a long example. Examples can be a bit tricky to write particularly when you’re giving real life kind of tangible physical examples but those are the best ones to write. Being a bit more abstract with your examples isn’t quite as effective so it’s harder but it is better. So for example it is quite common for young people to begin smoking at their age to impress their peers. But the resulting confrontations with parents can lead to difficulties with communication afterwards. If you wanted to you could just remove the reason it’s not really essential to the task at all. It might just give a little bit more justification to the example that you’re using. It’s about teenagers. You could remove that as well. I’ll leave it in for now so I’m going to join the last two sentences together. As I suggested then I might do earlier. It’s an alternative sentence in any alternative sentence account it can be good to begin. In contrast if it’s immediately into the conditional. Force yourself into that complex crowd. In contrast if there is no conflict between parents and teenagers what comes now. Karma and the clause. Just like in regular complex sentence and in that comma before you move on to the dependent independent clause. So if there is no conflict between parents and teenagers there will be. So notice I’m using the first conditional here. There will be because I think people who are arguing for this side think that it is possible that there can be no conflict. They do think it’s possible and when something is possible we used the first conditional. It’s unlikely we use the second conditional So there will be a much greater sense of now. Notice that I force myself into using a noun here. What’s the noun of happy. Nice and simple. Happiness in the family. Okay. Yes you might notice that there’s an in the family twice. So let’s maybe change that there’ll be a much great and much greater sense of happiness among family members. But look at the word count. One hundred and thirty two. That’s very very close to being half it’s just a bit over. So one hundred twenty five. Bang on half way one hundred thirty two suggests that we are right on cue for just asked creeping over the two hundred fifty mark. By the time we get to the end and that’s where we want to be because that gives us a lot more time to check our work at the end of the response.

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