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دوره: Mastering ielts writing task 2 / فصل: Conclusion / درس 6

Good Luck!

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Hi everybody. Welcome back for the final time. Unfortunately this is the end of the course. And thank you for taking part. Thank you for your attention during this course. I hope it has been useful for you in this final lecture. We’re just going to go through a few final bits of advice. In particular what to do now that you finish the course and how to approach the exam the day before. So let’s just have a look at what to do before your exam perhaps the night or the week before your exam. It’s very important that you feel fresh and focus during the exam. Therefore be careful with your routine leading up to the exam date. The days before the weeks before watch what you eat. Try not to eat too many fatty foods or too many sugary foods. It’s very important you’re eating food which will allow you to stay healthy in mind and body. Get plenty of rest. Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep a night. Again this is all about focus you trying to put your mind in a position of alertness of freshness. Cold shower therapy C S T. Now I know everybody likes to have a warm shower in the morning. I’m the same but taking a cold shower can really help to awaken your mind can really help to stimulate your brain and your body as well. T s t has been proven to offer many benefits to not just the body but the mind as well. And I would recommend looking these up on Google. Just search a C S T benefits so I think it’s a very good thing to think about taking some cold showers in the morning. In the weeks before your exam exercise healthy body healthy mind. Very important that you at least do a few minutes of exercise every day maybe 15 to 20 at least. That way you will feel much more alert less groggy less fatigued in the exam. Said it before I’ll say it again. Read read read and try if possible to have fun. Having fun can be very difficult. If you suffer from nerves. If you if you get very nervous before the exam. You may want to consider these tips as they may help a little bit. Try meditation lots of resources online which look at meditation but it has been proven to have many benefits particularly for people who become quite nervous. Part of that meditation is taking deep breaths. What I like to do is to breathe in through the nose for five seconds hold it in for five seconds and then. What I like to do is breathe in for five seconds breathing in five seconds and then breathing out five seconds. And if you do this for about five or six breaths you will notice that your body will actually start relaxing. It activates let’s say the relaxing centre in the body there is science behind this. But basically if you take these deep breaths again it has been proven to relax the body to switch off the adrenaline parts of the body. Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t look at the whole exam and think ah there’s so much here there’s no way that I can do this exam. Just focus on one question at a time before you know it you will finish the exam and you’ll have realized that that wasn’t so impossible after all. And remember there’s always next time to try not to put yourself under too much pressure. If you put yourself under pressure you will become nervous. So just remember if you don’t get the score you need the first time around. You can always take the exam again. So I want to take this final opportunity to just say Congratulations for completing mastering eilts writing task too. I like to thank you for your commitment and dedication to the cause. And I’d like to thank you personally for choosing this video course. Of course I hope it’s been very very useful for you. And I would like to take this final moment to say a big good luck to each and every one of you. So did you find this course helpful. I hope so. If you did please leave a review so that other people can feel confident about signing up to this cause and hopefully they can replicate the results that you will hopefully get. If you have any constructive feedback if you have any issues anything that you’d like to have seen done differently please email me to let me know. So whether it’s good or bad I’d love to hear from you. Finally I’d love to hear about your exam experiences and the scores that you get so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the results of your exam. Hopefully good. But even if a little bit disappointing. I’d love to hear about how you’ve gone on. So thank you very very much for taking this course once again. I hope it has been useful. And best of luck with your exams whenever they are and all the best with your English learning and your future studies or careers.

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