Getting Guidance

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Getting Guidance

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Welcome back everybody. Just two lectures left now and in this lecture we’re going to talk about how you can get guidance to help you prepare more effectively for your exam. So there are a number of ways that you can make sure that you’re heading in the right direction. And we’re going to focus on these in this slide here. So the first option is to think about language exchange sites. You can just type this into Google and it’s basically a case of sharing your language with somebody who wants to study your language and vice versa so that you have a free opportunity to practice your English. There’s exam forums. We just type in eilts forum online. There’s plenty out there where lots of people are looking for answers to similar questions. There are exam preparation sites sites like Idol Simon or Ryan I outs or Isle’s blog. Of speakers are a good option even if they don’t know about the eilts exam. If you know about a native speaker who lives near you. Try to have a conversation with them. It can be a good learning experience to see where your weaknesses are. Finally professional IOW tutors. We’re going to focus on the idea of professional Isle’s tutors because that’s where I have the most experience for those who wish to have the best preparation possible. It is my firm belief that a professional shooter is the way to go. There are a number of iooss Teachers online at sites like I talking dotcom cafe talk dot com tested teachers dot com and more. But there are not many sites which only offer eilts Lessons. These other sites they will also offer general English Aloff a business English. They’ll offer tofel but there aren’t many sites that only offer Iowa so they can exclusively dedicate themselves to hyatt’s the arts he should dot com is one such site. Everything you have learnt about in this course has come from my experience exclusively teaching eilts over the last few years. So the isles he should dot com which is my site it just focuses on the isles exam and dedicates itself to finding ways to help students get the target scores that they require. So when it comes to tuition with the isles teacher there are two different ways that we can provide guidance. The first is with lessons so we’re going to talk about lessons. Teachers at the eilts teacher are happy to prepare you for each component of the exam. Whether it’s listening or reading or writing or speaking. Most of all we focus on writing and speaking though as it’s more of an active exercise each teacher uses a different method. But every single teacher on the eilts teacher has a wealth of experience both teaching and developing materials for eilts preparation courses. My personal writing lessons are split into two types. If a theory lesson and a guided practice lesson theory lessons are designed to teach you how to write for eilts how to write an introduction how to write a conclusion very similar to what we’ve been going through here. While guide practice lessons give you the opportunity to put those theory lessons into practice in real time. Using a program called screen hero which allows you to write on my screen to you can actually write the essay in front of me with me guiding you through the process. Now the other type of guidance is writing corrections. We offer a writing corrections Service like many other sites too but unlike any other corrections online corrections with our site are focussed on eilts it easy to understand and they are extremely comprehensive. Here are just a few of the comments we have received about our corrections service. Hi Matt I wanted to thank you for helping me improve my writing skills. I gave the test and got an overall mark of eight with seven point five in writing. That’s more than I need for applying for the masters degree that I want so I’m super happy about it. That was from francisca in Chile and thank you for the correction Matt. I’m still being surprised by the thoroughness of your work. Every time I open a newly receive correction it’s hard to imagine something more useful than that which is from nicolae in Russia. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to corrections so you can expect your work to be corrected to the most comprehensive degree imaginable. Now if you are interested in taking these corrections in purchasing these corrections I have some good news and that is that I can offer you a discount for being a student of this course as a thank you for your attention. I like to offer each and every one of you a discounts on writing corrections so that you can put all of the advice here into practice. So for 10 percent off writing corrections of any package please enter the code udemy else. 10 all capital letters. They’ll be an option to insert the discount code into the coupon code box had the checkouts and I look forward to reading all of your submissions. Finally some resources here for different pages of the science teacher. That’s the actual site itself. The Asked he should dot com slash choose dashy your dash teacher will allow you to book a free demo for lessons he wants. He should dot com slash writing dash corrections will allow you to learn about and purchase those corrections which I was mentioning a second ago. The arts teacher dot com slash video dash demonstrations will give you some demonstrations of what a general lesson looks like. The arts teacher dot com slash testimonials will allow you to see reviews from former students and I have a Facebook page where I am often putting little tips and tricks about the eilerts exam. Facebook dot com slash the LBS teacher so I hope to hear from you soon. If you’re interested in taking a lesson or using our corrections service.

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