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Let’s talk about the principles this section is all about changing your mindset as we will discover

later on in the science section of the course.

Our brains have this property of neuroplasticity.

That is it can evolve and change throughout our lives based on different actions and inputs.

We take one of the first things we want to do to come out of the other end of the course.

A better learner who can succeed under any topic is to rewire our brain with some principles.

Here’s the thing with this section this section is often confused a lot with self-help.

It’s kind of become a word that means this make you feel good without actually accomplishing anything.

That doesn’t sound very fun does it although this section will try and lay the critical thinking and

foundation that we need for the rest of the course.

I want you to be cautious here.

These are the types of topics that often do just that make you feel good without actually accomplishing

anything by just watching this section.

You will not come out a better learner.

Instead we need to introduce these principles to make you realize some truths about the world we live

in so that you’re ready for the future sections.

This section may make you feel good but without the rest of the sections it won’t do much for you.

You may find these videos superficial and easy but the idea here is to have these videos be a place

where you can always come back to and be reminded of the principles to trigger what we learn throughout

the rest of the course.

Because this section is all about adjusting our brains to look at the world in a different way from

a place that we have no control over and we react to instead to a place that we have control over and

we can shape enough talk let’s get started.

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