It’s All In The Frame

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It’s All In The Frame

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It’s all in the frame.

Framing is an important concept when it comes to learning because almost nothing in this world is objective.

Most things are subjective.

That is we as humans interpret them in different ways.

A bird might be beautiful to some or a bird might be annoying and scary to others.

Frames are what humans used to change perspectives.

Almost everything in this world has different contexts or different frames that you can use to view

things in a different way.

And you may have noticed this in this principles section of the course.

These lessons are all about reframing the way we think the way we look at things the way we look at

obstacles the way we look at the choice and toured to learn all of these things are allowing us to have

a different perspective on the topic of learning.

For example when you encounter frustration when learning when you feel like you suck instead of feeling

like this doesn’t feel good.

I am just not good enough.

Notice this and say Oh I am growing this feeling is me growing as an individual me learning and pushing


Overcoming an obstacle.

This is the idea of a beginner mindset not necessarily a beginner attitude.

A beginner attitude is an attitude that says I’m not good enough I’ll never get there.

This is too difficult.

I don’t have time for this.

Others are better than me at this a beginner mindset instead refrains this idea of I’m not there yet.

Other people are better than me and I will learn from them so that I can get there.

I have a choice to practice 20 minutes each day so that I can get to where I want to be and I can get

to that point where somebody that I respect is that’s the beginner mindset and the idea of framing is

exactly that.

It’s moving these dark negative ideas where we don’t have control over our future over our life over

our learning into shifting it and looking out from a different perspective from a different frame of


Having a beginner mindset instead of a beginner attitude and this is what this section is about with

the principles the principles are meant to shift your focus shift your perspective into what you can

control instead of what we have no control over.

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