Self Learning Paradigm

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Self Learning Paradigm

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Holy moly you made it.

This is our last principle.

The self learning paradigm now up to this point.

You might be thinking What did I sign up for.

This feels like a self-help course.

There’s a lot of woo hoo magic here that makes me feel good but nothing got accomplished and I know

this part.

I would say was the toughest part to make because there is a lot of concepts that just simply shift

your focus shift your perspective shift your frame.

But what we’ve learned up until now can actually be combined into this idea of the self learning paradigm

you see at the core of self learning is this idea of personal autonomy to become a self learner an efficient


You must choose that path at the end of the day no matter what I tell you how convincing I may be it’s

your job to decide that this is the path you want to go on.

You have to choose for yourself to be a self learner.

Nobody is going to tell you to learn a topic to improve your skills to develop further and further each


That is a choice that you have to make sure you’re gonna have external factors like changes in your

job or maybe break ups or maybe different promotions at your job.

Sometimes you may find that a skill you’re learning is no longer fun and you want to pursue something


You want to learn a new skill instead of improving on an existing one.

The idea of the self learning paradigm is that you need that intrinsic motivation.

You need to from inside of yourself decide that this is why you want to do and that is the choice that

you make that you will continue to learn each day to be an efficient learner each day.

And that motivation cannot be taught by me cannot be convinced by some random person on YouTube or a

random book that has to come from within but because you’re already in this course you’re already watching

these videos.

I’m willing to bet that you have that inner motivation which luckily is going to take you very far.

Let’s move on.

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