Learning vs Winning The System

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Learning vs Winning The System

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Let me ask you a question.

When you were in school did you care about your grades.

Did you try to do things to improve your grades improve your test scores maybe your exam scores.

I bet a lot of you would say yes I did as well.

It is very rare that somebody goes to school and focuses on the learning or what they learn as the measure

of success vs.

what grade they got.

Or let me ask you this.

You work in an office on a project with lots of people.

Do you do things from the standpoint of learning or do you do things to find a way to please your manager

your boss or what gets the job done easily.

This is the idea of learning versus winning the system.

You see when we go to school these are places we’re just playing a game of winning the system.

That is there’s a certain structure within a school that allows you to succeed.

That is getting good grades on a test and it’s very rare that we often focus on long term learning that

is instead of going into a class thinking how can I ace this test instead of thinking how can I retain

this information how can I learn from this class.

For you to be an efficient learner the focus must shift from simply winning a system winning a game

to actual long term learning which might not make you feel good at the beginning.

Maybe accepting a job that surrounds you with people smarter than you so that you can grow and learn

long term is a better strategy than winning the system and just trying to impress your boss your manager

your friends.

Keep this principle in mind when you encounter this option in your life.

You have a choice to focus on long term learning long term learning and the long term will always beat

out just winning the system.

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