Compound Learning

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Here’s one of my favorite principles.

Compound learning.

What does that mean.

Well the idea comes from compound interest which you may have heard of the idea of compound interest

is that well if we had an initial investment of one hundred dollars and that is we have an interest

rate of 3 percent.

That is compounded monthly.

You can imagine putting a hundred dollars into your bank account and that bank account gives you 3 percent

interest rate for keeping your money there.

Well in 60 years that money is going to be well six hundred dollars six times more than it was originally

but the idea of compound learning if we go back to it really leverages the fact that learning occurs

every day in our life.

That is we want to shift our focus from just cramming as much information as we want in a huge full

day learning session into just small little chunks.

The idea is to make small changes every single day.

For example if we use working out and physical fitness as an example you don’t necessarily want to once

a week go all out for five hours run an exercise and stay in the gym for five hours for just one day

versus just spending 20 minutes each day.

The idea of compound learning is actually really nice because it means that you don’t have to dedicate

a whole lot of time to learning a topic and just your race everything else from your life and just struggle

and be in pain as you learn 12 hours a day.


Instead every single day tried to do small little things because as Alan Weiss says if you improve by

1 percent a day in 70 days you’re actually twice as good according to compound learning and trust me

the math works out on this.

So lucky for you you don’t have to shut yourself in a room for an entire month and just learn a topic

twelve hours a day and just kill yourself doing it.


Instead all you have to do is be persistent and each day do little bit by little bit and spending just

20 minutes each day on focus learning what that means is that each week you’ll have two hours of knowledge

that you develop and that over a lifetime is always going to beat out anybody that just spends one week

on an intense session and then gets tired out burns out and never continues.

Remember we’re in this for the long run.

These small changes that we make each day have a compounding effects later on in our lives.

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